Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Zappingly New Walkman B Series!

Is this the "Man" who could "Walk" the talk and beat iPod? Will this Walkman finally be able to oust iPod from its throne? Sometimes I feel iPod is really not that good...I guess their marketing department did a hell of a job in misleading the public huh! Sony's new gamble is in the form of its Walkman B Series music player, the NWZ-B142F (2GB) and NWZ-B143F (4GB)! Will this slim and sexy Walk(wo)man help Sony to gain some ground against its arch-rival, Apple? I believe it could be a great contender, at least IMHO.


This diminutive player weighs only 26g. is so featherly light that you wouldn't notice it is in your pocket. Besides the normal MP3 playback functions, Sony also throws in Voice and FM recording features for this player. This means we could record our favourite tunes straight from the radio?

Notice the Zap button?

Besides that, Sony also claimed that this Walkman B can last up to 18 hours of continuous music playback. Here's something that might entice those who is always in a hurry-Quick Charge (QC). This 3-minutes QC feature is able to give 90 minutes worth of music playback. Now that is very convenient right? Technology never cease to amaze me.

What's your flavour?

Up next is Sony's Zappin Technology. The Zappin feature plays the main chorus (5 seconds snippets) of each song so that users can navigate and find music tracks that they want to listen without having to peek at the display screen. Now this is something new right? How cool is that? And these gems come in 4 colours: pink, red, orange and black. So which is your favourite colour?

Orange suits me!

The NWZ-B142F (2GB) and NWZ-B143F (4GB) retail at RM159 and RM249 respectively. The price is affordable right? I'm sure this is better than Shuffle! I have been longing to get an MP3 plater for myself...but...well...I thing I should set aside the moneyt for something else. Ha :p