Friday, August 28, 2009

Have You Tried KFC Shrimp Stix?

As some of you know, I have a huge appetite. In other words I am greedy lar! LOL :p Can't help it, I think it is in my gene. Anyway as you guys know KFC is rolling out yet another new product recently. It is their colonel's latest offering-Shrimp Stix! Yeap! KFC is very adventurous with their offerings. And this time around they decided to shelve out something Shrimpy for this Ramadan. I monologued, "We should try this one day!" And immediately off I went out riding on my Black Horsy! It was raining but my urge to taste this KFC is too overwhelming. Ha :D

Woot! Woot!

After 15 minutes, I was back at home. Dad and wife were eagerly waiting for me. Actually they didn't expect me to return with KFC, because I lied to them, saying I wanted to refuel Black Horsy's tank. If not they were not going to release me because of the rain. But I was back in one piece and it is time to "Chiak" (Feast). I bought 3 pieces of hot & spicy chickens too. Munch! Munch! Munch!

3 pieces of thigh & 4 stix of Shrimps!

I bought the a la carte Shrimp Stix! I opened the box...OMG! This RM5.15 Shrimp Stix is so small and there were only 4 stix. The length of each Stix is only 7cm, a far cry from what they advertised! Huh? I was really taken aback. Well, KFC didn't say the Shrimps are huge right?

Indeed. =)

After a little ranting, I sink my teeth into this Shrimp Stix...aww...the meat is so succulent. It was so tasty I tell you. Even my wife agreed. Guess it is truly a catch like never before aye (Its tag line)? I hope KFC could be more generous in the future. So have you tried this Shrimp Stix?

How come this one looks so ENORMOUS?

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