Monday, March 10, 2008

Do You Guys Want Better Sex Life?

Ladies, is this your perfect guy?

Want to know how? Easy, just go grab a broom and do the house chores! It's really that easy. American men have doubled the amount of housework they do and may be having better sex because of it, experts said. "By and large, the more men do around the house, the happier women are," sociologist Scott Coltrane of the University of California.

"Wives report greater feelings of sexual interest and affection for husbands who participate in housework," who is a senior fellow at the CCF (Council of Contemporary Families), said. This denotes that when men men do more housework, women's perceptions of fairness and marital satisfaction rise and the couple experience less marital conflict-hence this is associated with higher levels of marital satisfaction and sometimes more sex too!

Now you know why Leonardo is women's favourite?

It seems that men every where are doing more. If you are not sweeping and mopping, start doing more of those much-dreaded dull chores and you'll never know what surprises your wife could give you tonight right? =)