Thursday, September 24, 2009

5 Ways To Pamper Your Lady!

Yep! Our long holiday has finally come to an end (for most of us)! If she's the one bummed out over this holiday, lifting her mood can do both you and your beloved girl or lady or woman or wife etc. a lot of good! If she has been doing all the things for you all this while, it is time to let her have a breather...even though she didn't ask for it (or complain about it). Let your superwoman be a "mortal" again. Let her feel her heart beats; let her rest. You don't wanna see your poor girl/wife broke down due to tiredness right?

So here's what we gentleman can do to help her so that our so-called brain waves will spike in happy unison with our beloved one. Here are 5 easy ways to pamper you beloved one guy. Are you ready? :)

1~Write your words down. Yeah! Grab a pen or pencil and start writing her a letter. Clicking on an e-mail isn't the same at all as opening an mysterious envelope. What? You live with her? Mail that letter or card anyway. For a real stamp of approval, send her one for each of the 7 days leading up to her birthday. Yeah! You can let you creativity do the work. I'm sure she will be delighted with your personal gestures.

2~Plan a lunch date. Or even a dinner. But not for yourself! Plan it for her with a long-lost girlfriend or best friend. Her friend will lift her tired spirit, and your effort will boost her brain chemicals, such as dopamine (pleasure) and oxytocin (trust)! A~ha! Now you know it. :p

3~Always be there for her. And never ever try to smother her! If she's on the sofa and obviously not in a good mood plus she doesn't wanna talk, all you need to do is sit on the chair next to her and read (anything). The thing that we guys need to do is to let our girlfriend or wife know that we are there for her and that we love her. Don't complicate things. That's it. Simple!

4~Let her rest. Yes! She has been doing everything for you and now you should reciprocate! Sleep can be the most valuable gift of all you can shower her. So unplug her alarm clock on weekends and cross off a few (if possible all) easy but time-consuming tasks from her to-do list. Do the laundry, grocery, shopping, plant watering, cleaning etc for her. She will be more than surprise when she wakes up! :)

5~Avoid Gift Stress. This is something trivial and yet the side effects could be quite profound! The next time you and your wife/girl are exchanging gifts, make a new rule about it. For starter, limit the cost or say gifts can't come from a store. Or better still, come up with a theme like food gifts or hobby-related items. Have fun with it!

Show (a verb) her how important she is to you!

These gestures might look simple but I promise you it will do wonders for you partner! So don't take it lightly. Try to implement it and you might reap a lot of "rewards" from your beloved one? Pamper her with you care and shower her with all your love! Let your actions tell her how much you treasure and cherish her! :p Have a nice day folks.

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