Sunday, March 9, 2008

The People Had Spoken!

As it stands now, BN had surely been denied 2/3 majority with 5 states taken by the opposition! But BN won the Federal government. Is this the wise choice made by Malaysians? Certainly not! If it's for taking revenge against the government-then this is wrong; if it's for giving the government a wake-up-call-it's wrong!

Honestly, in his (Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) five years reign, did he not fulfill his promises? Of course he didn't fulfill all right? But, do you think he did not do whatever he could to do so? Yes! I heard people said he promised to curb corruption! I repeat, it's because of his stern actions against corruption that had made so many cases been brought up to light! Those who didn't see this point...shallow...I have nothing more to say. If you think taking those who are alleged to be prosecuted is so darn easy, let me see you do it! Register yourself as a policeman tomorrow!

Yes, there have been corrupt and errant MPs who abuse their powers and mis-used the people's money for their own benefits. But...did you know there are hundred others that sacrifice their own money and time for us? A few even got attacked by thugs. And one of the MPs got killed. Tireless Datuk Cheong attend to people's need and even got himself in a very dangerous situation. And what we said? The government didn't keep their promise. Ouh yeah, I forgot we are a very ungrateful nation filled with people who only want everything for themselves! And when the government failed to fulfill something, that means that everything else that the government do is nothing!

The fact that the prices of oil, petrol and other goods increase just gave the opposition another spear to attack the government! Did you guys know the government had subsidized RM4 BILLION for us? Damm, if we are not happy let us migrate to other countries! Only darn shallow people wouldn't have know this fact! I will bravely call these people naive! The government needs these money to pump it for development and other areas where fund is needed! Simply put, if you ask your parents every single penny of their money to buy stuff you need or want, then in the end of the day when emergency arises where do you get the money? Oh yeah, I forgot...we are selfish! And yet we say we love this country! Great! Let me see if the opposition rule and keep the price so low and yet still manage to develop the country! Even American with annual budgets at least 1000 times bigger than ours can't even cope with the increasing fuel price! Let see if PAS, DAP or PKR can do better than now! Nope, they can't!

And the fact that the opposition using racial sentiment to attract votes are totally so wrong! Why? This is Malaysia okay! MALAYSIA! Not China! Not India! I've been to the ceramah and listened to various leader of opposition used racial issue to fan the people's flame and instill anti-government among citizens and even asked them to vote to teach BN a lesson! Yeah right, in the end do you know who will have the biggest slap? Us! Why, you'll see. Trust me. And those who voted on the ground of teaching BN a lesson or racial sentiments! I'm sorry to say this, but your decision is not-so-wise!

Bye! You are not welcome anymore!

Yes, there are MPs who are bad! Really, really bad! Honestly I'm happy that Dr. Samy Vellu and Kayveas lost! They deserve it! To me they just don't fit for our country! But I'm totally dissapointed with the defeats of Tan Sri Dr. Koh Tsu Koon and Dr. Sharizat! Tan Sri Dr. Koh had made so many contibutions for the Penang's citizens but what did he get in the end? Nothing! How about Dr. Sharizat then? She had worked so hard over the years fighting for the women's right and serve the people. What did she got? Anwar's daughter who had never contributed anything out-win her! Why is this? Because people are getting blinded by the opposition! My sorry to both these heroes! And to me, they are really the people's people! Let me see if DAP can really give each poor family RM 6000 a year, omit toll collection and decrease oil price! And for those who voted against them (Tan Sri Koh and Dr. Sharizat), you are really, really, really ungrateful. But never mind, it will get to you in the end! Trust me! But I admit there are a few opposition leaders such as DAP's Teresa Kok who is certainly a worthy leader.

Tan Sri Koh: A true hero!

Surely, there are a lot of MPs who dishonest to their mandate honoured to the people. I know there's a lot of irresponsible leaders who discriminate other races and abuse their powers. And some government officers and workers who are very inefficient! But not all! Trust me, Abdullah, his faithful comrades and other true Malaysians had done every single thing in their might for us. Is just that we are not patient enough! Instead of teaching the government a lesson, people should have taken the proactive steps to do more for BN by setting up a forum and have a concrete and peaceful discussion! Not holding street demonstration to voice their discontent! By doing so, our peace is disrupted and a lot of foreign media is watching us. And yet the Hindraf supporters said they love our country! My foot! And yeah, PAS supporters who attacked the police yesterday clearly showed that they are getting rude. This truly isn't good for the peace and will dent a black mark on themselves because they called themselves stauch Islam followers. My condolence to true Islam followers. And surely this does not bode well for our country in terms of attracting tourist and FDI, which in turn will weaken our economy and eventually lots of jobs have to be slashed! So in the end who are on the receiving end of this teach-the-government-a-lesson thing? Us-the people!

You better LOOK after your
fanatic supporters!!!

Last but not least, BN lead by Abdullah still got my utmost support! He's 1000 times better than his predecessor although he looked more reserve. Actually he is a man full of composure and vision! But lots of actions and corrections needed to be done! And lots of mistake still needs to be undone. I hope we would not repeat our mistake and jeopardize our independence. Let us look at the bigger picture and not being childish by giving the government a lesson! Please look at the bigger picture! Hopefully the government as a whole will be more fair to everyone. Not only to Malay, Indian or Chinese, but to everyone! Because we are Malaysian! Remember that!!!

And for those who had won, congratulation!

He is still the man-of-this-country!


Anonymous said...

"Yes! I heard people said he promised to curb corruption! I repeat, it's because of his stern actions against corruption that had made so many cases been brought up to light! Those who didn't see this point...shallow...I have nothing more to say."


Except for the auditor-general's report (for which NO ONE has been prosecuted yet FYI), which case of corruption was "brought to light" by the Government? Eh?

Port Klang FZ rm4.6 billion scandal?
Chua Soi Lek sex video?
Mr Lingam and correct correct correct?
Khairy Jamaluddin and ECM Libra?
Pak Lah's rm200million jumbo jet and mansion in Perth?

No, all of these cases were brought to light by the OPPOSITION and heroes like Raja Petra Kamaruddin and Rocky Ahiruddin. NOT Badawi and gang.

And tell me whats been done about these issues?

Lingam's still walking around a free man.
No one charged despite Auditor-genral's report showed they paid rm5k for a set of car jacks!
Chan Kong Choy didn't have to explain about PKFZ to the public.
IPCMC still not up yet.
Khairy is even running as an MP.
RM200 million jet is still flying around on the Rakyats money.

You are very delusional boy. Maybe if you visit Malaysia-Today it will open your eyes.

Tekkaus said...

How truth is Malaysia-Today then? How reliable is the source then? I read a lot about Malaysia-Today too. I'm not delusional. And I'm certainly know what I'm talking about! Some are facts and some are just baseless and pure fabrications.

Have you helped the people before with you own hands? I do and I'm not even in politics. How about you? Have you personally raise Rm2-3k walking around asking donation for old folks home? I did. How about you? I have serve and help others and I'm not even in politics. What have most of you do? Besides spreading news about our so-called useless government? What else have you do to really help Malaysian? Perhaps you did. And good for you.

Chua Soi Lek had admitted his wrongdoings. And I admit I don't like Samy, Kayveas and Khairil. And I agree that lingam should have been behind bars. that fault have to be taken all by BN? Don't crap with me. Again, not all from BN are bad guys. There's dozens more who are true heroes! I know it. Not all BN leaders are corrupt! i have relatives who are in BN and are almost broke because he's helping people here and there! So what do you have to say about this unsung heroes?

And what about the opposistion's rally against the police? Officers whose head needed dozens of stitches because of rocks threw at him? Then those culprits were released. What do you have to say about this? The pas supporters that threw stones at police cars? And took justice into their own hands by taking the mycards of other people? So you are actually encouraging these to happen in Malaysia? What about the oppositions that burned our Malaysia flag? So you are and advocate to this acts also?

What do you have to say about this? It's easy for you to have lots of says! On the other hand, how about the wrongdoings of the opposition?

I'm not against who here! But I'm totally against those errant persons who spread seditions and want to evoke disability in Malaysia! And mind you I heard varius ceramah both of BN's and the oppositions and I know what I said. Let me have a look at your blog and perhaps I can post some comments to you too. There's no need to stay anonymous about this!

Anonymous said...

theres no point having heroes in bn when they have no balls when it comes to saying the right things in parliament and when they no balls to do anything about KJ, zam, sammy, or dear old pak lah...and please dont say anything about these heroes helping dont enter politics just to help people..being given the power by the rakyat politicians should help the country!!!they should make good and fair policies and weed out any incompetent or corrupt government officers amongst themselves...if want to help people only just join charity lerrr..tell that to your relatives in bn...they have missed the whole point of joining politics..

this election is not about punishing bn as a whole..i know lots of good people in bn too..and i tell them now is time for them to speak up and clean up their own parties from within..then we can call them heroes..

you are obviously someone who believes in righteousness and fair to all..and you obviously saw that picture of the bleeding police officer at the hindraf..but did u see the pictures of the bleeding hindraf protesters?or the picture what they did in batu caves?or the video of police beating up tian chua while he was trying to hand over a memorandum to the parliament?or the way the fru sprayed tear gas and chemical water into the demonstrators of bersih?and the way they man handled women and children who were trying to pass roses to the prime minister as a symbol of goodwill..there were not given permit to do so by pdrm on the reason theres not enough police officers to control them..but on the day of the march somehow hundreds of fru's and pdrm turn up to sray water cannons and tear gas..and there were only about 300 demonstrators!!!

u said the opposition's held rallies against the begin with those people in the rallies are not the opposition, and secondly and most important..the rallies are not against the police!!there are not against the country!!bersih is only for a cleaner election, and hindraf are for the plights of the indian community..its not against anyone or anything!!maybe only against the bn government la..these are heroes too my friend..for standing up for righteousness and fair for any democracy system, the police force is a tool of the rakyat to protect them, not a tool for the ruling party to exert their might..dear, u got it all wrong when it comes to rallies and demonstrations la..u have been reading and believing too much in mainstream media..sometimes it helps if u can take a look at things from a third person perspective la..imagine yourself as a foreign journalist posted in malaysia..then u will understand better why more than half of peninsular voted for the opposition..

for any stout bn supporters like u, please understand that this is not the end of bn or the beginning of the opposition...this election is just the beginning of democracy and people's power..the past 50 years have been just bn, from now onwards bn will only get the power they they have to work hard for it..same goes for the opposition too..its actually a good message for everyone in politics..

Tekkaus said...

It's sad that you still want to remain anonymous. So i will just disregard this comment. For you have no balls to reveal yourself like true man/women! =)