Monday, March 10, 2008

Let's Go Back!

Well, since we haven't invented any affordable-public time machine yet so how on earth can we go back to the past? Neither do we the car drove by Micheal J. Fox, so what's the best next solution we have to travel back in time?

Yeah! We still can't build this yet! =/

Watch 10,000 BC and you may have a chance to go back to see mammoths and other ancient animals and perhaps your ancestors? 10,000 BC is this week 1# movie in the USA Box Office which grossed $35,730,000 in its first week of screening! This movie revolves around a young mammoth hunter from the Yagahl tribe during the Mesolithic period. Not going to say too much about the movie or I'll spoil everything. Go watch it ya! =)

This epic movie looks very, very impressive in their trailer. Not sure about the real thing yet! Anyway, I haven't watch this movie yet. Hopefully it'll turn out to be a good one and not just another hype. Hope you guys enjoy this week's 1# trailer!

Back To The Darkness!