Tuesday, March 11, 2008

When I'm Gone VS When You're Gone!

Yes, there are dozens of other songs with the gone word in their title! But let us stick with When I'm Gone and When You're Gone! The former is the current in-single by Simple Plan while the latter is from Avril Lavinge.

For Juke-blog this week, we will do something special! Let pit both this song and see who fare better! In my opinion, 3 aspects will be the yardstick which are vocal, artistry and substance. Let us enjoy both the videos and make the verdicts later okay! :)

When I'm Gone-Simple Plan

When You're Gone-Avril Lavinge

Well, have you guys watch both the videos? So what's your verdict? Who do you think should win the duel of Gonner? Okay let us make some simple analysis for both this song.

Vocal: Both have powerful vocals. Whilst simple plan comprises of few members this does not make them the clear winner. Likewise, Avril usually feel comfortable with rock music right? But in this song her vocal snuggle rightly into the lyrics and hence her When You're Gone simply out-vocalised simple plan's. So...Avril 1-S.Plan 0.

Artistry: Simple Plan's When I'm Gone showed little or none creativity! I mean seeing the same person face over and over again is so boring! Even Michelle Branch's Everywhere video showing the same faces is miles better than Simple Plan's. On the other hand, Avril's When You're Gone is truly a joy to watch. Why? Because I truly feels it can connects to how everyone feelings and experience. Is like, the song understands you. Well...
Avril 2-S.Plan 0.

Substance: Simple Plan's feel more like directing anger towards someone who dump you. In other words, you are a sore loser and just want to prove how stupid the other person for thrashing you into the recycle bin. An ego song. But, When You're Gone is more towards cherishing your loved ones. Be it your battling husband, estranged girl friend or your late wife. When You're Gone can really, really touches you. Finally...
Avril 3-S.Plan 0.

So, the winner for this edition of Juke-blog's Duel is Avril Lavinge's When Your Gone!

P.s.: For those of you who wanted to watch the you-tube version of Avril's When You're Gone, click here! Enjoy ;)