Thursday, December 22, 2011

Recycled Christmas Trees @ Aeon Jusco Malacca

Christmas is like only a few more days away. Unlike the people in KL, we Malaccans don't get to view all those fancy Christmas decorations here in Malacca. Today I am going to share with you some photos of the Christmas decoration in Jusco Aeon Malacca. Last year we witnessed the biggest snowman in Jusco Aeon...this year...nothing fact if you look closely...these Christmas trees were actually "recycled" from last year's Christmas decoration. What a huge disappointment!

Still the same white Christmas tree...

Boring, boring Christmas trees...even the little girl felt bored. :p

These dangling ornaments are new but look...unattractive...

The only difference is that this tree is taller than the one last year. :/

I was shocked when I compared the photos of this year's Christmas decorations with that of yesteryear's. Beside the absence of the huge plastic Mr. Frosty, almost everything is still the same. The tall Christmas trees, they look exactly like the ones being "planted" last year. (Click here to compare)OMG! I have always thought that Jusco is one of the best shopping malls in Malacca that prides itself with beautiful decoration. I guess the bad economy is eating into the decoration budget huh! Or maybe they are trying to educate us to be green-recycle!

There's a mini ice rink.

Children are having fun.

Parents can bring their children here to experience ice skating.

The people in Jusco did redeem themselves by putting in a sheet of "ice" on the centrecourt. This ice rink allows children to experience what it is like to skate on ice. However instead of skating with ice skates, children can skate with their shoes or the provided swimming floats. A lot of children enjoy themselves very much as they skate around with the shoes, hitching a ride on the floats or simply lay on the ice. Besides that the appearance of 2 penguins also make up for the disappointments. At least not everything is the same right?

Photobucket least we have something else to see beside trees...

Penguins from Happy Feet 2. Ha :D

Perhaps my expectation was too high huh! Then again...Jusco do try their best to create that Christmas feeling and mood. Hopefully next year Jusco will do better in decorating their mall. I am hoping that they will emulate MidValley's Funtoystic Christmas decoration. Fat chance right? Maybe I will be seeing the same Christmas trees again next year. We have to wait and see. Until then I would love to wish everyone Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Will it be a different Christmas next year?

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