Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Touch This Lion And You Will Be Blessed

\The more you touch this lion, the more blessings you and your family will receive. Wow...sounds like a pretty magical lion aye? Like the one which roamed and roared in the Chronicles of Narnia? Nope..and I was not talking about petting the king of the jungle which was enclosed behind bars (zoo). The lions that I am talking about are the ones which stand loyally, guarding the entrance of a temple that my family had visited some time ago.

My wife and baby Jordan standing beside the mythical lion guardian.

We were at Cheng Hoon Teng Temple the other day (which was like months ago. LOL) to offer prayers. Then my baby Jordan saw this red lion which intrigued him. So we allowed him to touch the lion. This lion is commonly incorrectly called Foo Dogs to the westerners, but it is actually known as Fortuitous Lion! These mythical statues or carvings are believed to be guardians. They come in pairs and can usually be found in front of temples. Little Jordan saw one of them and wanted to touch it, which we allowed happily.

My baby boy putting his hand into the lion's mouth.
There was a "magical" ball inside of the mouth.

You see, we believe that by touching these lions, you will be blessed and protected. Parents and old folks will usually encourage their little ones to touch these lions. They believe these lion guardians will make toddlers and children to be well-behaved and filial. If your little ones were to touch the "ball" inside of the lion's mouth, the effect will be more profound. Our baby boy loves to touch this lion. Ha :D May he be blessed and be a good boy. Ok Jordan~boy?

When you grow up, you must be filial to your mommy ok?