Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Our Jasmine Girl Is Really Tough!

Just a week ago, we celebrated Jasmine's Full Moon. She is a big girl now. Honestly my wife and I have been struggling to take care of both our son-Jordan and newborn Jasmine at the same time. When Jordan was born, my wife and I have an easier time as we would be taking care of him alone. Now our hands are full with Jasmine on board. Jordan boy can be a bit playful, but he is still easier to be taken care of compared to his sister. Thank goodness he is a bit older now. :)

Jasmine~our tough little girl. :)

Our Jasmine is still very, very young...hence it is a bit more demanding when we are taking care of her. Moreover old folks says that a daughter (baby girl) is harder to be taken care of compared to a son. Is it true? So far...what my wife and I have encountered affirms to this "myth". It is really, really tough. My daughter needs to be fed quite frequently. She gets hungry easily or maybe it is because she is growing up FAST! At night...sometimes she needs to drink like every 1 hour. Worse still...sometimes she does not want to sleep and wants be carried. So you can imagine how tired we are, especially my poor devoted wife. I am trying my best to help her though.

Our Jasmine girl trying to lift her head on her own.


Jasmine did it. :D

Besides that...my wife and I noticed that Jasmine is one tough girl. Why? For starters, she battled alongside her mommy for 8 hours in the labor room. Jasmine was 3.15kg (Jordan-2.55kg) at birth...now after 38 days she weighs almost 5kg. Unlike her brother, Jasmine can sleep on her stomach right away. The astonishing part for my wife and I is that she can lift her head and turn either side easily. Moreover when we are carrying her, she can also lift her head and look up without us, supporting her neck. Our baby boy needed a couple of months (5 maybe) to achieve this feat. Seems like Jasmine is really one tough girl aye! :)

Jasmine smiling cheekily in her sleep. :)

It is not easy taking care of babies, especially when you don't have a mother or an older woman in the house to help you. Both our mothers have gone, so at times my wife and I really feel helpless. Then again we believe that nothing is insurmountable! Both of us can take good care of Jordan and Jasmine. I wanna thank my loving wife for being so tough, herself in this testing time. She is my light bearer. :)

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