Monday, December 19, 2011

Our Jasmine's Full Moon Celebration

It was my daughter's big day last week. It was the day she turns...1...month old. Ha :D Time really flies. It's like only last week we both saw each other eye to eye and now she is already 30 days old? Phew! I am really getting old. Daddy's daughter is one big girl now huh! I got out of my bed kinda early today...around 7a.m. as my son was waking me up (Yes! He is an early bird). So after I have fed him milk and played with him for a while, off I went to the wet market to collect my "Ang Ku Kuih".

Jasmine's full moon celebration.

I reached my doorstep with my son greeting my arrival, probably he wanna eat Ang Ku Kuih. Jasmine was already awoke at that time. So our Full Moon celebration began. First thing first we whisked Jasmine out of the cot and snipped some of her hair. Why must we snip Jasmine's hair? Well...this is an auspicious tradition, showing that she has grown up healthily. Then we wrapped her hair in a red packet and keep it as a remembrance. :p

We offered prayers to Gods...

...and ancestors to bless and protect our little Jasmine.

After that Jasmine girl took her so-called ceremonial bath. This bath that was supposed to bring her good luck, health and prosperity. Hence her 2 golden bracelets were placed into her bath tub, including some flowers. After her auspicious bath, we clothed Jasmine girl in her adorable pink rabbit clothes flown in all the way from Taiping (by grandpa). She looks super adorable in her pink skirt. "Aww...daddy's little girl is so beautiful today."

My dad snipped some hair off little Jasmine. :)

Auspicious bath.

Time to dress up~Jasmine. :D

Her pink bunny outfit bought by her grandpa in Taiping. :)

Aww...she looks so adorable in skirt. :)

Jasmine the Pink Riding Hood.

Here's an Ang Pow from mommy and daddy.

Then both my wife and I carried little Jasmine to offer prayers to all the Gods and of course my beloved late mother. Aww...I can't help but feel happy that I am a father of two right now. I still can't believe that I have a daughter now. Ha :D OK. Where was I? Ouh...after the praying ceremony my father, brother, little Jordan and I went to our next very important destination-Yong Sheng Gift Shop. We went there to take Jasmine's Full Moon Cakes. Yupe! It is a must for the Chinese to send their relatives and friends full moon cakes.

My wife, little Jasmine and I offered our prayers.

We had 165 boxes of Full Moon Cakes to be delivered. And the first box was sent to my late grandmother's house where my ancestors had been living. We offered some red eggs, Ang Ku Kuih along with the first box of swiss roll cake to my ancestors. After that we embarked on our "delivering" journey. We went the cakes to my father's relatives, my friends and colleagues in Malacca. After we covered everyone in Malacca. South, we headed to Johor to deliver Jasmine's cakes to my late mother's relatives.

Grandpa with his 2 grandchildren.

By the time we reached was around 4p.m. already. It was tiring...but I am really happy. Looking at my daughter who was sound asleep really made my day. I am grateful to God for blessing my wife and I such a beautiful daughter. Now I have a son and a daughter. Now everyone can have both son and daughter right? How cool is that? I am truly blessed. I must say that my wife is really good at "giving birth" huh. LOL :D

"Daddy is going out to deliver your Full Moon Cake o."

Then again...our journey has just began. Honestly I am quite worried about having a daughter as a girl is always more vulnerable compared to a boy. I worried too much. Ha :D I hope our little Jasmine will grow up to be a kind, thoughtful girl. More importantly I want Jasmine to be very filial to her mother after she had endured 8 hours of excruciating pain to bring her into this world. I am sure you will, right Jasmine~girl? Be a good girl ok. :)

Our precious Jasmine is now a big girl. :)

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