Friday, December 16, 2011

Ben Spies aka Elbowz On Petronas Motorsports

If you are a motoGP fan like me, you would have known who on earth is this Elbowz! His real name is Ben Spies and he was the 2009 Superbike Champion. Now why would a professional biker like him being nicknamed as Elbowz? Is it because he rides his poweful Yahama machine with his 2 elbows? Of course not. Apparently Ben has got his nickname from his style of riding his bike.You see, Ben's elbows peculiarly protrude outwards while he is riding his bike. Ha :D Weird right?

Ben Spies aka The Elbowz!

Wouldn't Ben Spies' elbows be a drag that slows him down while he is racing? I guess not if you have seen his credentials aye. Perhaps the outwardly-protruding elbows actually helps Elbowz to be more aerodynamic. Ha :D Ok. Joke aside, I have a good news to share with all you motorsports fans out there, especially the MotoGP fans. Petronas has launched a new program on Youtube known as Petronas Motorsports. Guess who is featured? Yes, he is none other than Ben Spies!

Look at his outward-protruding elbow! almost graze the track.

Apparently Ben Spies is one of the top motorsports celebrities being featured on the special Petronas Motorsports Youtube Channel. He recently came to Malaysia and of course he was interviewed! Wanna know what this 27 years old rider from Tennessee was up to during his stay in KL? Watch the exclusive interview enclosed below. See if his elbows will potrude outwards during his interview session. Ok. I was just kidding. He is after all The Elbowz~mah! LOL :D

Ben Spies in person.

If you wanna know more about Ben and what he is "spying", make sure you like Petronas Motorsports Facebook page. *Sniff~Sniff* I have got a feeling that other motorsports big names will be featured soon. Make sure you don't touch that dial and stay tuned to the same channel to watch all the exclusive videos ok. Over and out. Vroooooom! :)