Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Winter Solstice Everyone

It is snowing here in Malaysia and I am feeling so freezing cold at this moment. Ok. No snow...but it is really chilling cold over here in our tropical country. After all it is winter right? First thing first I would love to wish everyone Happy Winter Solstice! Today is a special day for all of us as we are considered to be one year older. We, Chinese, will be marking this prosperous day by eating tāng yuán 湯圓 (glutinous balls). We need to eat these glutinous dumplings according to our age. So I will be turning 27, hence I ate 27 of these tāng yuán.

Let's make tāng yuán 湯圓.

Let's rolling~rolling~rolling~rolling~

Done and ready to be cooked!

This year is special for us as we have a new addition in our family-Jasmine, to celebrate this meaningful festival. Lastnight my wife and daddy were the ones who make these tāng yuán while I helped to take care of Jordan and Jasmine. Both of the, were extremely well-behaved. I guess they knew we were busy. Ha :D  Winter Solstice festival is all about family getting together and enjoy a bowl of these heart-warming tāng yuán. Make sure you get back home early to be with your family ok. I am sure you old folks will be happy to have your company. Happy Winter Solstice Festival to all of you.

Come~have some. :D

P.S.: Click HERE to find out how you can make this tāng yuán 湯圓 on your own. :)

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