Friday, December 23, 2011

My Nuffnang Cheque of RM6,343 Has Arrived. Thanks Nuffnang!

Money~money~money! My Nuffnang cheque of RM 6,343 that I cashed out in late October had finally arrived in my mailbox. Yay! This is my 3rd payment from Nuffnang this year-2011...wait...or was it my 4th? I don't know. I didn't really keep tab as I didn't blog about it during each cash out. I wanna thank Nuffnang (and all the clients) for being so generous with me this year. I can't earn this much without Nuffnang's kindliness. Hence I would like to extend my gratitude to all my "sponsors". :p

Yay! My cheque from Nuffnang has finally arrived!

I am happy that a lousy blogger like me can earn some money from Nuffnang. I know that this RM6,000 that I have earned is considered very little to a lot of bloggers. But to me, this payment shows that a nobody blogger like me who rides a motorbike can earn some serious money as well. Unlike you guys, yours truly me is not a famous blogger; I have never featured in any newspapers; I don't get interviews; and I don't attend fancy events and functions; and I am certainly not handsome, cool or funny...BUT yet...I am able to earn some pocket money. So all you "lousy" bloggers out there: See I have made it! We can make money blogging if we really try. :D

Nuffnang really pays. :)

RM6,343.07. Not a lot but still OK~lar. :p

It is raining money. Perhaps I should cash out again before 2011 end? :p

More importantly I wanna thank all my loyal readers and fans for your continuous support. I am nothing without you. And not forgetting those anonymous visitors who drop by in my blog every single day. Thank you. I also wanna thank Nuffnang for believing in me even though I am not the "Apple" of their eyes. Of course I can't have this opportunity to earn without the advertisers' belief and faith as well. Thanks to all of you for my RM6,343.07. How I wish I can share it with you guys. :p

Thank you Nuffnang!

P.S.: My utmost gratitude to Nuffnang for allowing me to earn a 5-figure "pocket" money this year (2011). Hopefully our relationship will continue to blossom in the coming dragon year.

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