Friday, December 23, 2011

Meeting Jorge Lorenzo In Barcelona

Last week I have shared with you guys a video of Ben Spies aka Elbowz in an exclusive interview on Petronas Motosports Youtube Channel. Good news to all you MotoGP fans out there. For this week's episode of motorsports@Petronas, we will be meeting Ben Spies' team mate from the Yamaha Factory Racing Team in Spain. Yupe! We are going to meet Jorge Lorenzo, the 2010 MotoGP Champion in Barcelona. Of course we will be touring around the capital of Catalonia as well.


Do you know Jorge Lorenzo is well known for his weird celebration antics which include imitating a spaceman? I guess that is why he is quite famous with the fans aye. Do you know that he is dubbed as "Por Fuera" which means "by the outside" in Spanish? He was give this rather weird nickname after his very first victory in 2003, in the 125cc class, where he overtook Casey Stoner and Dani Pedrosa by the outside and went on to claim the chequered flag. Wanna know more about him? Watch the following video to find out:

So now do you know this 2010 MotoGP Champion better? I bet you didn't know that Jorge Lorenzo likes Japanese food right? I am baffled to know that he is active on Twitter as well. Ha :D There you have it. The second celebrity to be featured on Petronas Motorsports Youtube channel. Done with 2 wheels. Next week I will be talking about a legend in 4 wheels. Can you tell who will be featured? It has something to with shoes... Ha :D Stay tuned ok. And don't forget to check out motorsports@Petronas and like it!