Friday, December 24, 2010

Biggest Frosty The Snowman Is In Jusco Malacca

Biggest Frosty is in Malacca? Yes! The biggest snowman in Malaysia is currently enjoying the sunlight and of course the limelight in Jusco Aeon Bandaraya Malacca. I am so proud that my state has finally got something worthy to be shown to the rest of the world...or at least to fellow Malaysians. Meet Green Frosty the biggest snowman in Malaysia made of recycled plastic bottles. So it will be a record-breaking green Christmas for Jusco huh!

The back of the head of Mr. Frosty!

If you are entering Jusco via the main entrance, you will Mr. Frosty standing in the middle of the court, greeting you with tis warm smile. Our Green Frosty stands at 9.14m tall and 6.1m wide and it is made of 15,000 recyclable plastic bottles! Wow! 15,000? I wonder how long did it take Jusco to build this gargantuan snowman. And the "icing on the cake" is our Giant Green Frosty has made its way into Malaysia Book of Records as the biggest snowman made of recyclable bottles.

Our Mr. Frosty is a record-holder!

AEON's managing directed, Nagahisa Oyama, said that a total 40,000 plastic bottles were collected during a recycling programme at all its shopping complexes and 90 schools nationwide. He was also quoted saying, "We hope to educate our customers on the importance of recycling, reducing waste and reusing items besides promoting the green Christmas theme." Way to go Jusco. Malaysians really need more awareness about the importance of being green.

Aww...look at the snow flakes.

Let's see how our Mr. Frosty looks like shall we?

While the other shopping complexes across the nation are busy putting up those dazzling Christmas decorations, Jusco Malacca has decided to do the unusual, less spectacular, non-fancy Christmas deco. Way to go Jusco! So have you see been to Jusco Malacca to catch a glimpse of our largest Green Forsty? Nope, never mind I have plenty of photos to how you. I have also snapped some Christmas deco other than Green Frosty :)

Hie Mr. Frosty!

From his bottom...

From his side...

And on top of him...

Photobucket many plastic bottles.

We brought little Jordan to witness his very first Christmas decoration. We tried to snap photos with him but he just couldn't pay attention towards the camera. Perhaps there were too many things distracting little Jordan. You know the people, the dangling snow flakes, Christmas trees, Mr. Frosty and ouh yeah...his delicious hand. Haha :D I am sure he was amazed with what he has seen.

One of the smaller Christmas trees.

This one is sitting nicely on Frosty's right.

Jordan~do you wanna meet Mr. Frosty?

Aww...beautiful tree...and my beautiful wife. :p

If you come in the evening, the decorations
will look more beautiful with the little bulbs on.

Although (and still) cannot be compared to the ones in KL, I still think this Christmas decoration theme in Jusco is unique, unlike what I have ever seen in the past. Very green and bottle-lish! We were more than happy to meet the largest plastic-bottle Mr. Frosty and pose with him. So what are you waiting folks? Go to Jusco Aeon Bandaraya Malacca right now to catch a glimpse of Mr. Forsty before he melts...

One for the album with the largest Mr. Frosty in Malaysia!

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