Friday, August 26, 2011

The Home That I Built For My Wife 5 Years Ago

5 years ago in 2007, I built a home for my one and only beloved wife. I spent hours building our dream home right from the scratch. I toiled on the drawing board and from there I measured everything meticulously so that I could build the home that we want. I am no architect, so it would take me longer (as I had predicted). After completing my master plan, I "transfer" everything onto my materials-papers, and drew them precisely like what I have planned. After laboring for hours with my scissors, pencil, ruler and glue...I finally completed the building of our dream HOME. They say it is never easy to build a home, don't you agree? But...I am glad I had successfully built ours. :)

The home that I built for my wife...

What do you think about the home that I built for my wife? Haha :D Yeah~it is a home made entirely out of paper. You didn't think that I would be using brick and mortar, did you? Although I am not really good in arts,  I must say that this home that I have built is one of my greatest artistry thus far. This home is also my gift -an endless promise, that I make for my darling wife. On the walls of this little home that I had built, are inscriptions of my vows and oaths that I have made for my wife. So technically this little home is like my love letter for my wife. Wanna see what's behind the door?

Please come into our home~

OK~maybe you need a larger view of our home. Ha :D

Aww...can you tell what's inside of our home?

This home (love letter) was written by me on the 23rd of April 2007 which was our 14th month-anniversary. Yes, yours truly me celebrates his precious month-niversary with his wife every single month without fail. So every month we will try to celebrate our special occasion. If you can read the "walls" you would have known that the letter was written in the second year of our university just before our industrial training. That was 5 years ago...and right now my wife is still staying with me in our home. In fact, we have always been together in our "home" ever since we met each other.

This is how our home looks like after being "dismantled". :)
So there are inscriptions on the roof, walls and even the floor.

Our roof...

Our middle wall...

Our left wall...

Our right wall...

Our floor...

This home that I built for my wife is the promise that I have make for her right from the very first day. It is my eternal promise to my wife that she will always be my one and only wife. The two red cranes symbolizes the both of us spreading our wings, flying alongside each other from now till forever. This home is a testament to my unwavering faith and love for my wife. "Wifey~hubby will always hold both of your hands and grow old with you. I love you. My feeling for you will never ever change!"

This is the "home" I have always promised my wife...and I will fulfill it.

P.S.: It is always easy to build a house but it is never easy to build a home. Ouh~yeah! I think I should add a few more little red cranes. :p

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