Thursday, September 1, 2011

Traffic Jams On The Way Back Homes

If you are wondering how come you couldn't see me in the blogsphere or twitterville for the past few days (5 days to be precise) was because I was on vacation. Where on earth I have been? My other home  sweet home of course, which is Taiping. Last Saturday, my wife, little Jordan and I traveled all the way up north, back to Taiping. This week happened to be our National Festival-Hari Raya Aidilfitri, so we would have expected the "Balik Kampung" aka homecoming exodus. Our journey back to Taiping to us around 7 hours including breaks. Ha :D

Traffic jams are our "bread and butter"....don't you agree?
Look at the jams in front of us...

Look at the jams ahead of us...

And the "horrendous" jams opposite us...

After enjoying our 5 relaxing days in Taiping, we finally had to return to Malacca as our jobs would be commencing soon. So we reluctantly left the City of Rain for Malacca yesterday. We thought there would not be any traffic jam...and we were wrong. Even before we exited our first toll booth, we were already being stalled...let alone on the highways. Then again our Journey from Taiping (Perak) to KL is way smoother compared to the opposite lanes heading north...theirs were like...bumper-to-bumper crawl. OMG! Ha :D So there were traffic jams on the way back to both our homes (Taiping and Malacca). Hopefully all of you are enjoying your holidays. Drive safe.