Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Huge Chocolate Indulgence & Mystery Gift

After taking our dinner at Xin Kwai Lerk Seafood Restaurant, all of us retreated back into our cosy home. The moment my father-in-law stepped out of the car, I immediately asked him to carry little Jordan. I was creating a diversion for my wife and her sister you see. I managed to buy a few good minutes for them to take out our secret birthday cake. My father-in-law walked into the house and felt very weird because we didn't switch on the lights. Out of the sudden...a glimmer of light came from the kitchen.

Happy Birthday daddy. :)

It was a flickering candle! My wife and her sister were holding a huge Chocolate Indulgence cake from Secret Recipe, and all of us sang a birthday song for my father-in-law. He was beaming with joy looking at his cake while holding little Jordan close to him. A wish was made and he blew the candle with a huge smile on his face. Later little Jordan "helped" his grandpa to cut the birthday cake. And...well...of course we started indulging the insanely, chocolate-y, enormous cake. All of us enjoyed the cake while watching TV and chit-chat. Yum! Yum!

Secret Recipe's gargantuan Chocolate Indulgence...

See...little Jordan was grabbing the knife too. :p

Let's cut it! :)

Jordan's grandma helped us to distribute our cakes. *drooling*

Do you want a slice Jordan boy?

Jordan will get his soon. :p

It's good to indulge from time to time right? :p

What's beyond this wrapper?

Just when my father-in-law thought that this birthday couldn't get any better, we sweeten it up by giving him another surprise in the form of a box. is a gift of course. Can you tell from the picture what we bought for my father-in-law? The hint can store something into it. If you wanna know the answer, you have to wait for the next post. :)

Guess what is my father-in-law's birthday present?

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