Thursday, March 24, 2011

Daddy's Samsung Digital Photo Frame

Have you guys figured out what was my father-in-law's birthday present? After we dished a huge Chocolate Indulgence cake, we sweetened the day a bit by giving my father-in-law yet another surprise. A birthday present was sitting nicely after my father-in-law came out of the toilet. He was of course delighted to see what we have got for him. Yesterday, I asked you folks to guess what was the mystery gift right? So do you wanna know the answer?

The mysterious gift

Some of you said it was an iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab; some of you guessed that it was a portable DVD player; and most of you claimed it was a digital photo frame...which is true because my last picture was too obvious right? Ha :D Yep! We grabbed this (IMHO) super awesome 10 inches wide Samsung Digital Photo Frame for my father-in-law. Why did we choose this gift? Well...because we want daddy to be able to see our sweet memories as often as possible effortlessly.

The gift: Samsung Digital Photo Frame

Inside the box...

It feels really light.

Very flowery aye.

SD card slot.

Transferring photos into it.

We had been hunting for a good digital photo frame for quite some time and finally we managed to land this gorgeous glossy one from Samsung. We really love it because it has a whopping 10 inches wide screen, 1GB of memory and SD card support for us to display more of those memorable photos. Moreover we can also choose how we want our pictures to be displayed. Altogether there are 5 different display I reckon. I think I can lie on the bed and look at all the pictures until I fall asleep. Ha :)

Do you wanna know more about this little gem here. Not little actually. So here's a review done by on this gorgeous Samsung SPF107H Digital Photo Frame:

Display type: The screen that measures 10 inches wide is been made up of the following. It comes with the resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels that fits right with the high resolution models. The brightness and the contrast ration are 250 cd/ m² and 500:1 respectively. All this put together the images is been brought to the forefront with the best of its clarity, brightness and sharpness.
Product structure: With the overall dimension of 280 x 188 x 23 mm as width, height and depth, it weighs just 600 grams. Samsung SPF-107H 1GB Digital Picture Frame has a rectangular outfit with the curved edges that ensures the elegance of the device.
Features and functions:
Memory – This built-in memory of 1GB is a noteworthy one as it can store all the files for instant access. Further, it also offers an external memory support of SD card to enhance the storage volume. It is interesting to know that around 3000 pictures can be stored and always at home to refresh.
Mini monitor – This photo frame can be used as the second PC with the simple USB connection. Obviously, it works as the mini web display, multi gadget screen, messenger etc.
Slide show – The image files in the memory can be displayed in a slide show with many interesting slide show effect. The transition can be opted between mask, brick, fade, bar, silk, dissolve, shutter and cross-bomb. This makes viewing more interesting repeatedly.
Guess what photos did I put into this slim Samsung Digital Photo Frame? Of course hundreds of little Jordan's photos has been stuffed into this photo frame. Ha :D My father really loves his new photo frame. So it is RM500 well spent. :) Now my father-in-law can have a good night sleep and sweet dreams by looking at his grandson's pictures on this photo frame. :)