Friday, March 25, 2011

I Don't Want My Baby To Be So Sweet

Sugar is something that we consumed almost every day right? All of us have sweet tooth or teeth stuck in our gums. Don't tell me that you don't like to eat those candied stuffs. Truth is OK to consume those sugary macarons while sipping your sweetened white coffee from time to time. But they say too much of anything is never good right? Yes! We need to have sugar which is the "fuel" that drives us. However it is important for us to distinguish between natural sugars (which is naturally present in our food) and added sugars in our daily food.

Chocolate Picture,Picture of Chocolate
Chocolate for my sweet teeth! :D

It is undeniable that all of us need sugar rush for us to "function" properly. Without sugar, we cannot produce energy to carry out our daily tasks. Do you know that sugar is considered to be a type of carbohydrate? Do you have the slightest idea if the sugar that you are taking is of natural sources or they are unnecessarily added into your food aka "added sugars"? You see natural sugars are those we can find in our fruits such as apples, oranges, grapes and the list of fruits goes on; Likewise "added sugars" are those added on top of the available sugar in processed food and drinks such as your favourite cheese cakes and carbonated drinks! Which is healthier? The former of course, but when your intake of natural sugar has exceeded what you is not healthy anymore.

I Don't Want My Baby To Be So Sweet,Added Sugars,Anmum
So now...sugar is carbohydrates? Correct?

Honestly..I used to be quite ignorant about this until I become a daddy. Being a parent, it is important for me to be the role model for our little ones. I must admit that yours truly me, really, really love sweet food and beverages especially coffee. I must stop excessive sugar intake! I must change now. I don't want little Jordan to follow my foot steps and have decayed teeth. I want my baby to lead a healthy lifestyle even though he is only 8 months old. They say it is best to start them young right?

I love coffee and I will never forget to add my sweetener. :p

More and more Malaysians are obese especially children. There is no way I am going to see my little Jordan wreak his own health. So...hereby, I am going to say NO to sugar. Wait...that is a wee bit extreme. I should say, "Let's reduce our sugar intake! Are you with me on this folks?" Do you know that added sugars have many names you know...they are known as sucrose, corn syrup solids or glucose syrups solids in some of the children products. As parents we need to protect our children from all those unhealthy sugary food even if the sugar is of natural sources.

I Don't Want My Baby To Be So Sweet,Added Sugars,Anmum
Remember to scrutinize the label...

Hence before we allow our little ones to eat any of those children food out there, we must ensure that they are not consuming too much sugar. We can easily do this by checking on the labels. If you can't seem to find those "added sugars", then it is very likely that they are camouflaging as carbohydrates. You have been warned! :( I strongly recommend that we-parents, start to monitor what our little ones are eating. Best of all we should be giving them no added sugar products.

I Don't Want My Baby To Be So Sweet,Added Sugars,Anmum
These have what we call natural sugars. However we need to
ensure that we are not taking any additional added sugar
on top of what is already naturally present in our diet. :)

Like I have said earlier it is never good if you are consuming too much of those sweet stuff especially added sugars. I can personally testify that. Why? Due to the never-ending guzzling of coffee (at least a few cups daily), I have realized that my waistline is increasing exponentially...much to my dismay. :/ If I allow this to happen...I am going to join the obese club very soon.

I Don't Want My Baby To Be So Sweet,Added Sugars,Anmum
So no more Chupa Chups for you~Jordan boy! :D

When I am obese...I know for SURE that I will suffer from dental caries, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and worse come to worst...death! Imagine if you children are the ones who keep on consuming excessive amount of sugar. Goodness gracious! You see...excessive sugar coffee intake can really one's quality of life huh! :( There is no way I am going to nail my own coffin. And I am not going to put my baby Jordan in this "sugary" situation either. I want my baby to be extremely healthy and fit. :p

I Don't Want My Baby To Be So Sweet,Added Sugars,Anmum
"Then can I eat my own toy daddy?"

It's time for us to change our unhealthy lifestyle...the one laid with too much sugar. More importantly we need to ensure that our family's menu does not encourage more sugar to be added into our food. From today onwards I am going to give my little Jordan healthy food! So you will not get to eat Happy Meals from McDonalds anymore. Ha :D How about you folks?

I Don't Want My Baby To Be So Sweet,Added Sugars,Anmum
My baby Jordan-healthy and fit
without any added sugar. LOL :D

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