Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Yasmin's Tan Hong Ming Did Malaysian Proud!

Yesmin with her masterpiece!

Yasmin Ahmad! Her name is so synonym with local commercials and movies that are simply out of the box. And again, she proved that she can be controversial and yet carry out the substance that she wants to convey. Yasmin's Tan Hong Ming In Love has won three awards (2 gold and 1 bronze) at the 2008 International ANDY awards in New York. A standing ovation for her! Congratulation!!!

Besides that, this commercial has won 13 awards worldwide since March at the Asia Pacific Advertising Festival in Pattaya, Thailand, and at the 29th Malaysian Advertising Awards last November. Yasmin Ahmad has really hit her stride. And I can't wait for more to come from this self-proclaimed optimist who is sentimental in the same time.

This adorable commercial is about a little Chinese boy, Hong Ming, who has a crush on his Malay schoolmate, Umi Qazrina. Hong Ming was chosen from 46 of the students in the Klang Valley whose best friends are from another ethnic group. This commercial reflects how Malaysian should really embrace each other regardless of our belief and colours. Innocence is the key! And just like grains of sands that slips through our fingers, we (Malaysian) should regain what we are losing-unity!

I miss those days when I was playing with my Malay friends barefooted. From hide-and-seek to Teng-Teng (Hop one leg); from Hantu Galah to guli! Aww...I really miss those days. Although I still play football with my Malay and Indian friends, nothing could really replace the feeling when I have when I'm still a weakling running and climbing trees in kampung. I miss the innocence and ignorance I guess.

Well, let's have a peek at the commercial that turn head and make us feel "little" again shall we? Tekkaus proudly present Yasmin's Tan Hong Ming In Love!

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