Monday, May 5, 2008

Malaysian Behold: Perodua Nautica 4WD

3 more days! Yes! For another 72 hours, Malaysian will get to see Perodua's latest 4WD car. From the creator of Kancil, Viva and Myvi-Perodua now proudly bring you a new car which is set to blaze our roads. Behold Perodua Nautica! Will this new baby be able to sustain Perodua's stranglehold as Malaysia's No.1# car maker? This we have to wait for another 3 days right?

Is this the ideal 4WD for you?

Perodua taunted Nautica to be stylish enough to stand out in the city and sturdy enough for off-roads adventures. Nautica is also claimed to be the perfect companion for active urbanite on the go! That sounds like me! Besides Perodua reiterated that this 4WD will be affordable and won't burn a whole in your pockets. Hope so! Too bad we can't catch a glimpse of the real thing until this Friday right? So for the time being, here's a little something for you to catch!

The Front View! Silky!

The buttock of Nautica!

Want to lay your hands on this baby?

Well, how do you guys thing this Nautica will fare (based on the picture)? I'm sure this Nautica will do better than Kembara. I wonder why Proton still unable to roll out its very 1st 4WD? Beats me. Still can't get enough? Okay, for those of you who wanted to catch Nautica in action, watch the following video!

Caught on camera!


lkwah86 said...

The design is just look nice...

Tekkaus said...

Yeah! Finally Malaysian have a gorgeous 4WD to boost! =)

Unknown said...

looks gd.

act the honda crv also looks gd, but when driving, it doesnt really give that luxurious feel (like its civic/ accord)... so for the kembara, im not too sure on how it feels to drive :)

Tekkaus said...

Hmm...I'm not sure about it. Because I only drive kancil and Myvi only. Haha =) And yeah my favourite Honda Cap chai! Vroom! Vroomm!

AutoIndustrie said...

I don't think Proton has the capability nor the economics of scale to develop a 4WD transmission. Besides SUV segment is already on a downtrend all over the world.

I myself wouldn't want to see Proton investing in the 4WD powertrain. Manufacturing cars is no after office hours hobby...

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