4 Ways To Recover Deleted Files in 2021 – Step by Step Guide

4 Ways To Recover Deleted Files in 2021 – Step by Step Guide

These days almost everyone uses either, computers or smartphones. There are many data stored in these devices. If accidentally you delete any important file from your device, it can be an extremely frustrating situation for you.

4 Ways To Recover Deleted Files in 2021 – Step by Step Guide

But fortunately, you can recover deleted files on android without a computer or any other device with some tricks and useful tools. So do not hesitate if you have deleted some important files from your device as you will have iOS and Android data recovery software.

In this guide, we will discuss some different and best ways to recover deleted files as well as iPhone data recovery tools. Let's get started!

Part 1- Use Dr. Fone to Recover Deleted Files

If you are suffering from the frustration of losing all your important files, with Dr. Fone by your side, do not worry about it. This amazing data recovery tool can help you to recover deleted video from android phones without rooting.

Furthermore, with this tool, you can recover deleted files from your iPhone too. It is a safe and quick way to recover deleted files or to recover deleted videos and photos. When you accidentally 'empty' the recycle bin, go for Dr.Fone-Data Recover tool. It is a user-friendly interface that allows you to have a safe way to have android and iPhone data recovery.

Features of Dr.Fone

1. Recover All Precious Data for You

No matter what kind of file or data you have lost, Dr.Fone can scan the whole device for you. With this tool, it is really easy to find lost photos, albums, messages, music, contacts, and more.

2. Rooted and Unrooted Data Recovery

Sometimes WhatsApp may get crash when you update it. And if you do not have a WhatsApp backup on your local device, Dr.Fone can help you download cloud backup data also. It allows you to extract all chat history, text and voice messages, photos, and videos.

How to use Dr.Fone – Data Recovery Tool?

Follow the following steps to learn how to recover deleted files using Dr.Fone - Data Recovery:

Step 1: Connect Your Device

First and foremost, make sure that you have installed Dr.Fone - Data Recovery on your system. When you want to recover data, just launch the software and opt for the "Data Recovery" option.

Best Way To Recover Deleted Files Step By Step Guide

Then, connect your device to the system and make sure that you have enabled the "USB Debugging" feature on it.

Step 2: Select Data Files to Scan

This tool will automatically recognize your device and give a list of different data files that it can scan for the data recovery process. You just have to select the files that you want to recover.

Best Way To Recover Deleted Files Step By Step Guide

For instance, if you want to recover deleted photos, then you have to enable the gallery option first. And after selecting pictures, tap on the "Next" button.

Step 3: Select an Option before Scanning

Then you have to select an option to scan for a particular or all deleted file. When you go to scan for the deleted file, it will take less time.

And when you select scan for all files, it will take a little more time to complete the process. When you are done with this step, click on the "Next" button to begin the process.

Best Way To Recover Deleted Files From Android

Now, this tool will recover all your deleted files from the device. Make sure you do not disconnect your device throughout this process.

From an on-screen indicator, you can get to know how much process is completed.

Best Way To Recover Deleted Files From Android

Step 4: Recover Lost Data Files

When the file recovery process gets completed, it will automatically un-root your device. You can also see your recovered files in a segregate way.

Best Way To Recover Deleted Files From iPhone iOS

And now, you can easily preview the files which you want to retrieve. Then select the files that you want to save and click on the "Recover" button option.

Part 2 – Recover Deleted Files from Recycle Bin

When you delete files on your mobile phones or system, they will get stored in the Recycle Bin folder on a temporary basis.

How to recover deleted files on android without a computer?

To restore all the deleted files from Recycle Bin, follow the given below steps:
  • Double-click or right-click on recycle bin to open it
  • Select the file or folder which you want to recover

Best Way To Recover Deleted Files From Recycle Bin

  • Then right-click on the files and select the Restore option
Best Way To Recover Deleted Files From Recycle Bin

Limitations of Using Recycle Bin for Data Recovery

There are certain conditions that restrict you to restore the deleted files or data from Recycle Bin:
  • When you delete files by using Shift+Del keys, in that case, you cannot restore files from Recycle Bin.
  • If the Recycle Bin is empty, then also you are not able to undo the process. Ultimately, you are not able to recover deleted files on android without a computer.
  • All the files or data that you have deleted from "external" hard drives will not retain in Recycle Bin.
  • You may not locate the deleted files in Recycle Bin after 30 days. It is because it is the default retention period of deleted files or data in Recycle Bin.

Part 3- Recover Deleted Files from Hard Drive

The second way through which you can retrieve deleted data is from your hard disk. Below given steps will guide you to recover deleted files from the hard drive.

Step 1: Select the hard drive from where you have deleted files were deleted and click the "Scan" button.

Best Way To Recover Permanently Deleted Files

Step 2: When you click on the scan button, the scanning process starts immediately. Depending on how huge the data is in the hard drive, it may take several minutes to several hours to complete the scanning process.

Best Way To Recover Permanently Deleted Files

However, the result of the deleted files comes out rapidly, and then you can verify all the deleted files in that folder.

Step 3: Now, you can double-click to preview the files that you have found here. Then, choose all the target files that you want to recover and click on "Recover" to save them to another drive.

Best Way To Recover Deleted Files In Windows 10

Limitations of Recovering Deleted Files from Hard Drive

  • You cannot recover data from a physically damaged hard drive
  • Risk of permanent data loss in if you accidentally make any wrong operation in this process

Part 3- Recover Deleted Files with Stellar Phoenix

If the deleted files are not there in the recycle bin and file history, use Stellar Phoenix, which is android data recovery software. It allows you to recover deleted files from supported internal or external storage devices or with a Windows PC.

Have a look at the given below steps:

Step 1: First of all, you have to download and install Stellar Data Recovery software
Step 2: Select 'All Data' or a specific file that you want to recover and then tap on 'Next.'

Best Way To Recover Deleted Files In Windows 10

Step 3: Select a drive volume or folder location from where you have deleted the files
Step 4: Then click on 'Scan' to initiate the process

Best Way To Recover Deleted Files In Windows 10

Step 5: In case you are not able to find the deleted files, click on the 'Click Here' link, which is located at the bottom of the screen, to run a deep scan

4 Ways To Recover Deleted Files From Hard Disk Computer

Step 6: After completing the scanning, click on a document, photo, video, or file to see the preview before you save it. You can also use the search bar to locate the preferable files for quick recovery

Best Wat To Recover Deleted Files For Android Computer Smartphone

Step 7: Then click the 'File Type' and tab in left-pane to sort the scan results as per their file type
Step 8: Finally, select all the files that you want to save and click on 'Recover'

4 Ways To Recover Deleted Files in 2021 – Step by Step Guide

Step 9: Then click on 'Browse' to select a save location on an external drive or hard disk, and click 'Start Saving.'

Limitation of Using Stellar Phoenix

  • Do not support as many file formats as compared to solutions
  • Only the pro version of stellar phoenix can recover raid arrays or produce a disk image.


The above-mentioned technique will help you recover your lost or deleted files. Now, as you know how to recover deleted video from an android phone without root, use the methods to recover your deleted files. For easy and quick recovery, you can opt Dr.Fone-Data Recovery tool to recover deleted files from iOs, android or windows. It is a great iOS and Android data recovery software. Try it at once!


  1. Did u purchase a licenced copy to use?

    1. Let's just say I get to experience using a licensed copy. :D

  2. I experienced a bad situation of losing my important documents. It was a file stored in iphone. A friend suggested me to use Dr. Fone to recover lost data. It was amazing, I got back.From the incident, I referred to many Dr. Fone to get back lost image, document, even text message.

    1. Great to hear that you actually benefit from using Dr. Fone as well. :D



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Tekkaus | Lifestyle . Gadget . Food . Travel : 4 Ways To Recover Deleted Files in 2021 – Step by Step Guide
4 Ways To Recover Deleted Files in 2021 – Step by Step Guide
How to recover accidentally deleted files? Here are 4 ways to recover deleted files in 2021 with complete step by step guide included.
Tekkaus | Lifestyle . Gadget . Food . Travel
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