Monday, March 30, 2020

Criticism Is A Compliment When You Are Right

In a classroom, an English teacher asked the students to explain the difference between the words compliment and complement. Nobody raised their hands and after a while a girl timidly stood up and explained the meaning of the two different words. Her humble explanation was perfect but she was later criticized by her classmates for "showing off" even though that was not her intention to begin with. Sounds familiar? That is what happens when you are doing the right thing-people criticize you!

They will always bring you down

Have you ever felt this way before? In life you might be surrounded by so many people whose only interest is to trip you and make you fall. So should you react or respond? If you react, most probably you will give up or tempers will flare. Instead you should respond and acknowledge the fact that you are doing so brilliantly that people start to notice and feel unhappy about you shining even more brightly than them.

They will scrutinize you, looking for mistakes

You have to understand that all awesome ideas will cause friction and create conflicts. Bear in mind that the excellence that you strive to achieve might bring you challenges and even criticism. Still, that does not mean you will give up and back off right? More often than not, we will have to expect the worst or unexpected in life. Nobody says that this adventure of ours will be buttery smooth, no? So we have to decide whether or not to surrender our dreams to all these negative naysayers right?

Know that you can defeat all the naysayers!

Enemies and critics are rarely interested to help you solve any problem and most of the time they will not even be bothered to provide you with a better remedy. Most of the time, they will be finding your faults and magnify them. They are akin to someone who is clueless about basketball and yet trying to teach others how to run around on the court. These very people will criticize you rather than applauding you when your head sticks above the crowd.

A critic is a man who thinks he knows the way but can't drive the car.
~Kenneth Tynan

It is easy to tell when a FAILURE by the manner he criticizes SUCCESS. Envy provides the mud that failures hurl at success. Such people will belittle you and try to make you stoop low to their standards. Sticks and stones are usually thrown at fruit-bearing trees. Small minds are always the first ones to condemn great ideas. Never be afraid of criticism if you want to accomplish great things in life. A successful ma is one who can lay a solid foundation with all the bricks that others throw at him. Remember that criticism is a compliment when you are ticking all the boxes to be successful!

Let the criticism be the spring that pushes your higher!

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