Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner Buffet at Double Tree Melaka

I wanted to publish about one of our best Chinese New Year reunion dinner buffets in Melaka...but I just could not find the right timing to do so...so here is my overdue write up about how we walloped our scrumptious Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner Buffet at Double Tree Melaka. Honestly this was my first time trying out a buffet dinner during the spring festive season as we usually had 8 or 9-course dinner instead. It was a pleasantly inviting change to say the least as we helped ourselves to the mouth-watering cuisines that will surely leave you wanting for more. The menu for this Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner Buffet at Double Tree Melaka is totally out of this world!

Before attending this Chinese New Year buffet dinner, my wife and our children kept on wondering what would be served? How would the menu be like? Would there be the usual desserts that come with other buffets? Once we entered the Makan Place where our buffet was being hosted, all our questions were gleefully answered. The first sight which grasped our attention was non other than the vibrant colours of desserts which totally bedazzled us with the Chinese New Year theme! There was even a mini lion dance which waited for our arrival. Ha 😉

Look at the design~simply meticulous 

We are utterly impressed by the Happiness Lantern with lychee chrysanthemum mouse and raspberry. The Prosperity Citrus were equally gorgeous and inviting as well, would not mind having a few slices. Since it is the year or Rat, Double Tree decided to usher the new lunar year with Mice's Cheese made from mango cheese cake. It was zesty and refreshing at the same time and not to mention very comical. That was why Jordan boy and Jasmine girl really enjoyed the desserts a lot. I must say that a lot of intricate details were involved. 2 thumbs up! 👍

 Lunar New Year Desserts

An assortment of kuih-muih 

Mini Ping-pie 

Omochi anyone? 

Deep Fried Sesame Balls!

That's not all~we were also served with other traditional Chinese delicacies such as chilled mini Ping-Pie in adorable gold-fish shapes. Colourful omochi in tangerine forms? Besides some assorted chinese biscuits and the creamy Chinese Egg tarts (that you should not miss), I have personally sampled the deep fried sesame balls and thought they were really crunchy and of course sweet. And not to forget their very own in-house Prosperity Tau Fu Fa which was extremely rich and creamy. *drooling* 😃

Oat Curry Butter Prawn 

Stewed Slice Clam Abalone with Black Mushroom and Broccoli 

Wok Fried Nian Gao with Dried Shrimps

Desserts aside, let us look at the star cuisines that would be really filling our tummies that night. No Chinese New Year reunion dinner is ever complete without prawns and the first one that made me drool was the Oat Curry Butter Prawn. I love the texture on the outside which was a bit crunchy and one bite on the soft, succulent prawn meat on the inside would convert you into seafood lover if you are not one already. The second cuisine that really whetted my appetite was the Stewed Slice Clam Abalone with Black Mushroom and Broccoli. The Wok Fried Nian Gao with Dried Shrimps and Smoked Black Bean Striploin were dishes that you should sample as well.

Peking Duck with Mini Mantau Bun 

More juicy prawns for you to sink your teeth into 

Spicy crabs

Another spotlight cuisine that is really worth mentioning was the Peking Duck with Mini Mantau Bun. I must say that the soft fluffy buns really complement the tenderness of the Peking Duck! *drooling* I actually had quite a few servings. Those who love crabs would surely be licking the spicy crabs available at their disposal. That's not all~those who wanted to savour a different kind of Chinese New Year menu would be happy at the sight of fusion dishes which featured exquisite decorations plus exotic menu which include octopus. 😋

It's fusion time 

Prawn taking a deep in mayonnaise 

Octopus anyone 

Too exquisite to be eaten 😂

Of course the highlight for any Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner Buffet has gotta be none other than the must-have Yee Sang Tossing which symbolizes prosperity and abundance. Since it was a special occasion, our Yee Sang Tossing session saw a few of the chefs from Double Tree joining us to make the celebration more festive and meaningful. Everyone was obviously very elated and excited to usher the new year of the Rat, so much so that we tossed our Yee Sang as "high" as we could while uttering phrases which would bring good tidings and luck.

Yee Sang time! 😆 

Let's toss our Yee Sang!

If your hunger pangs are still not satisfied after enjoying all the Chinese New Year cuisines, fret not as there are other delightful dishes to gratify your cravings. We had a few servings of roti naan and thoroughly enjoyed the spicy curry. Want to have your usual Hainanese Chicken Rice fix? No worries as you can get to enjoy it here as well. The fragrant rice and tender chicken meat will make you come back for another helping. How about satay? I am sure we Malaysians cannot resist the calling of these delicious skewed meat. Yum~yum!

A must-have for any occasion~SATAY! 

One of Malaysians all-time favourites-Naan 

Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside 

Rice and curry 

Must have chicken rice? Here you go.

All in all, I would highly recommend Double Tree Melaka for those who want to enjoy your Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner Buffet in the future. I would give a rating of 10 out of 10 for our scintillating dining experience at Double Tree Melaka. The ambiance was unbelievably comfortable and relaxing (which explains why we ate a lot) and the menu was really extraordinary even for a glutton like me. By the way I really love their Coffee Machine and I had like more than 10 cups of coffee! Bahaha~Guess we will be returning next year for our Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner again in 2021. 😋

Let's dig in 😃 

 Wifey enjoying her meal

Told you we must have satay  😙

Jasmine savouring every single bite of her food 

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