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Best 5 Restaurants In George Town, Penang

Top Best 5 Restaurants In George Town, Penang

Famously known as the Pearl of Orient, Penang is one of the most visited states in Malaysia thanks to its vibrant culture, countless historical buildings and sites, amazing murals and of course glorious food that will make you drool from miles away. And as the saying goes, "When in Penang, do as the Penangites do!" So if you are visiting this beautiful island state, you will surely join the hunt for great food as well. It if a fact that Penang has one of the best street food in the world and Forbes totally agrees with this. Having said so, being a food heaven also means that it boasts a lot of restaurants which dish out scrumptious food that will make your lick your fingers.

Top Best 5 Restaurants In George Town, Penang
Enjoy your gastronomic journey in Penang

Like I have aforementioned, going on a street food trail can really be satisfying. However if you want a different kind of experience, then there will be many restaurants in Penang that can gratify your cravings. Surely you will not be able to indulge in all the delectable food available, so here are the best 5 restaurants in George Town that you should not miss if you happen to be in the vicinity.

Top Best 5 Restaurants In George Town, Penang

 Best 5 Restaurants In George Town, Penang

1. Karaikudi
Penang is a melting pot for mouth-watering food and at Karaikudi you will get to enjoy Indian cuisines that will leave you wanting for more. Named after the biggest city in Sivaganga, India, this eatery is well known for its fluffy and warm roti naan. Apart from that, delight in the flavourful vegetables samosas and paneer dishes. At Karaikudi you will also have the opportunity to sample their myriads of appetizing desserts such as Pazha Payasam, Gulab Jamun and Carrot Halwa just to name a few. So if you are yearning for authentic Indian cuisines at affordable prices, then head over to Karaikudi to have a feast that you will not forget.

Karaikudi Top Best 5 Restaurants In George Town, Penang

2. Mews Cafe
Want to try something adventurous but at the same time quite familiar? Then you need to try the food served in Mews Cafe. Featuring a rather innovative Nyonya-fusion menu, your taste buds will be blown away when you sample the pleasant their cuisines. I am sure your eyes will be wide open when you try their Otak-otak with crispy prawn crackers. On top of that, when you have tasted their Amok and Duck Leg, you will be waving at the waiters for more servings.

Mews Cafe Top Best 5 Restaurants In George Town, Penang

3. Jawi House
Sometimes we all want to eat comfort food that can bring us back to the good old days right? That is exactly what Jawi House could serve you-food that will evoke your memories. Located on Armenian Street, Jawi House celebrates the Jawi Peranakan (local Malays who wedded Arabic, Indian or Turkish migrants). Chef Nurilkarim combines flowers and spices and of course herbs to prepare the Jawi Peranakan's unmistakable fragrant dishes that are rich in flavours. Make sure you try their Lemuni rice which is cooked with the blue telang flowers and lemuni leaves.

Jawi House Top Best 5 Restaurants In George Town, Penang

4. Black Kettle
Craving for a chicken burger, a croissant and a cup of coffee at the same time? Then Black Kettle will be your next destination for food hunt as it is a cafe, bakery and a restaurant all rolled into one. This French-fusion bistro is famous for its Provencal Chicken featuring aromatic and fresh ratatouille under pan-seared chicken. Want to have seafood for lunch? Then try their Pouisson En Papillote which serves a steamed Tilapia with addition of Shoyu and white wine. Sounds very appetizing no? Those with sweet tooth will definitely love their signature citrusy Flourless Orange which hit all the right notes in your mouth. Guess what, you can also enjoy the luscious food from Black Kettle in the comfort of your house or hotel thanks to the available food delivery Penang service.

Black Kettle Top Best 5 Restaurants In George Town, Penang

5. II Bacaro
If you want an Italian job to help you fill your growling tummies, then you will need to pay II Bacaro a visit. Arguably one of the best Italian restaurants in Penang, II Bacaro is the de facto restaurant to dine in if you want to get your Mediterranean fix. Rest assured that you will be served fresh pastas in generous portions peppered with enticing cheese and parsley. They also serve their homemade gnocchi which is very, very ambrosial. Their Linguine Crab is highly recommended: Get ready to enjoy the dainty chunks of crab meat and cherry tomatoes. And the ambiance in II Bacaro is quite Italian too. Ouh yeah~not to mention that this place is quite instagrammable as well.

II Bacaro Top Best 5 Restaurants In George Town, Penang

There you go folks, the best 5 restaurants in George Town that you should be dining in after sampling all the Penang street food. It is highly recommended that you try all 5 of the different restaurants listed here so that you can enjoy a variety of cuisines ranging from Nyonya food to Italian dishes. Goodness! Compiling this list is really making me hungry right now, making me feel like I need to book a flight at once to Penang for this weekend to enjoy their glorious spread of food. For those in Penang who would love to try the scrumptious food from any of the restaurants listed above, you can do so without needing to visit the place yourself. With a few taps, Foodpanda will be delivering your meals to you at your doorstep.
Top Best 5 Restaurants In George Town, Penang

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