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5 Benefits of Using G Suite For Your Company Or Organization

Top Reasons To Use G Suite

As the saying goes nothing worthwhile comes easily and that is why I strongly believe that if you want your businesses, companies or organizations to improve and flourish, you will need to make a positive change. By now, we are very familiar with Google and its products such as Gmail, Calendar, Drive and Docs just to name a few that have definitely helped us with our daily tasks. However this free access to Google's products does have its limitations. If you want to scale your businesses, it is time you upgrade to G Suite to improve your company's productivity and efficiency. Though there will be some cost involved, it will be an investment that will pay great dividends to your company in the long run.

Top Reasons To Use G Suite

5 Benefits of Using G Suite For Your Business

1. Cost Saving
Believe it or not, G Suite is one of the most affordable all-in-one productivity solutions that your company should be using right now. In fact, I would say that the G Suite pricing is unbeatable with the unbelievable returns that you will stand to benefit. Offering a set of powerful tools at your disposal, G Suite will help your business to grow effortlessly at a fraction of the cost that you would normally pay for other platforms.

Top Reasons To Use G Suite
5 million businesses are using G Suite

Do you know that right now there are more than 5 million paying businesses using G Suite to improve their productivity and efficiency? By just paying an affordable monthly fee, you get to enjoy eDiscovery capability, unlimited Drive storage, archiving, auditing control, top-notch security and many more. On top of that you do not need to spend extra money to hire a tech team to help you fix anything as Google will be doing it for you.

2. Turbocharge Team Collaboration
Equipped with a set of powerful tools, the intelligent apps and services available in G Suite allow you and your team members to easily work together on the same documents at the same time regardless  of your respective locations. Make any edits in real time and it will be automatically saved in the Cloud for others to work on. There is no need to send multiple emails to each other with the latest edited documents anymore as everything will be done in real time.

Top Reasons To Use G Suite
Collaborate in real-time

Assign different roles for different team members, meaning that you can give editing access to all team members  on board the project or just a few selected ones. Team members can also communicate and brainstorm for ideas on the go while working on the project thanks to the built-in chat features available. In other words, geographical limitation is virtually non-existent thanks to the impressive Google Office Suite. Now your employees can complete their respective projects faster and more precisely.

3. Enhanced Data Security
With Google Drive and you and your employees can effortlessly and safely store information be it documents, spreadsheets, presentations and photos just to name a few onto the cloud storage provided. Since everything is stored online-on the cloud, you can easily access your documents from any device regardless of where you are. Different from your common company's server, G Suite will store all your information securely in Google Data centers scattered across the globe. This ensures that if any of the servers fail, your uploaded information will remain intact and you can still have access to it. Talking about total peace of mind huh!

Top Reasons To Use G Suite
Store and share files in the cloud

Now your employees can be more effective as they can work-on-the-go while travelling or if they choose to work remotely, away from the main office. G Suite guarantees that your information will not be compromised as there is no need to download documents to any devices or computers. Hence the chances of your valuable information being damaged, lost of even stolen can be practically reduced. It is safe to say that you are in total control of what your employees can access from the G Suite on their respective devices.

4. Redefined Communication Capabilities
By using G Suite, you can enjoy the brilliance of Gmail for business. One of the best privileges is the ability to use your very own custom email with your domain name such as name@company.com. This will definitely help improve your company's image and branding as you will appear to be more professional to your clients. More importantly, now all the email accounts belong to your company and not your employees which help reduce any unnecessary problems later should an employee need to leave.

Top Reasons To Use G Suite
Secure your data and devices

G Suite does provide their very own in-house video-conferencing app called Hangout which allows you to easily communicate with your employees or even your customers. Thanks to Hangout, you can hold meetings and discussions no matter where you are situated. Up to 25 people can join the conference call at the same time by using their own devices or even right from their Gmail. How ingenious.

5. Better Organization & Management
Sometimes it might get too overwhelming to organize even a meeting. But by using Google Calendar, you can conveniently organize meetings, plan your projects, stick to deadlines and make appointments. With Google Calendar, everyone in the company can easily keep track with any schedules, reminders or even progress in work. The fact that Calendar is integrated into Gmail will allow you to schedule any event or task right in your Inbox account. All in all, with G Suite you can manage your businesses more effortlessly and of course more effectively.

Final Thought
So should your company start using G Suite? The answer is a resounding YES. If you want your company to grow and expand, then you should really take advantage of the benefits of G Suite. Thanks to real-time collaboration together with the powerful G Suite apps and services, your employees will be able to unlock their true potential to be more productive and efficient in many ways. If you are interested to scale your business, you can look up for local G Suite Reseller whereas if you are a business from Singapore, you can find Singapore G Suite Premier Partner that can help your company and employees to easily switch and migrate to G Suite. On top of that, they also provide proven education training that can definitely help your employees to be familiarized with G Suite in no time.

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