Friday, October 18, 2019

Daboba's Mango Frappe Is Sinfully Delicious!

Daboba Mango Frappe

I am sure a lot of you have already tried one of the best bubble milk teas in Melaka which is none other than Daboba. When you think about the famous big bear, straight away their Top 1 Signature Roasted Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk with burnt cheese will pop up in your mind right? But do you know that besides bubble milk tea, Daboba is also famous for their sinfully delicious Mango Frappe? Yours truly me have personally tasted it and it was really darn good!

Daboba Mango Frappe Drink Menu Price
Have you tried any of the frappe beverages at Doboba?

If you want something other than bubble milk tea when you are at Daboba, I highly recommend that you give their frappe beverages a try especially the aforementioned Mango Frappe. From the menu, there are 3 different flavours of frappe for you to savour namely Mango Frappe (Yogurt), Matcha Frappe (Cheese) and Coco Frappe (Cheese). I have tried all 3 and they are absolutely scrumptious to say the least. You really need to try them all as each of the frappes is extremely delectable in their very own unique way *Drooling* Trust me!

Daboba Mango Frappe Drink Menu Price
From left: Coco Frappe (cheese), Mango Frappe (yogurt) & Matcha Frappe (Cheese)
What's your flavour?

If I have to choose a winner, Mango Frappe will come out on top as it is not only delightfully refreshing but also really, really flavourful. The moment you have your first sip, your eyes will be wide open as the luscious frappe tantalizes your taste buds in ways you cannot imagine. The heavenly combination of  mango and yogurt in the frappe is really something to die for! The best part is, this dainty beverage is filled with so many REAL mango chunks that really add to the texture of the frappe. I understand that each of the mango frappe is made up of almost one mango fruit. So it is truly a gratifying beverage+dessert if you ask me.

Daboba Mango Frappe Drink Menu Price
Are you ready to indulge? 😍😍😍

Green tea lovers will relish in the Matcha Frappe with cheese that is specially made for you. The alluring aroma of green tea complemented by the fresh cheese will really invigorate you straight from the first sip. Any chocoholic in the house? If you raised your hand then this Daboba's Coco Frappe  with cheese is the "Shangri-la" chocolaty beverage that you have been dreaming of. It's like drinking molten chocolate that is creamy and thirst-quenching at the same time. How I wish I could have another sip right now.

Daboba Mango Frappe Drink Menu Price
Just look at her face... 😁😜 

Daboba Mango Frappe Drink Menu Price
 When you get to enjoy premium frappe that is damn creamy and delicious!

Daboba Mango Frappe Drink Menu Price
Jordan is enjoying his Coco Frappe while wifey is happily sipping her Matcha! 

Daboba Mango Frappe Drink Menu Price
Yours truly me? Mango Frappe is the best of course

If you prefer something other than bubble milk tea or the 3 recommended frappes I have mentioned earlier, you can try their equally good Butterfly Pea Seasons Tea or Passion Fruit Green Tea. Honestly speaking both these teas are very distinctively different from their previous nectarous bubble milk teas and frappes. I would say that both the tea drinks are for those who love tea or something lighter after a meal. In fact, if you want a beverage which will help to digest the food in your bloated tummy, you might want to opt for the irresistibly sour Passion Fruit Green Tea. 👍😀

Daboba Mango Frappe Drink Menu Price
The enigmatic Butterfly Pea Seasons Tea 

Daboba Mango Frappe Drink Menu Price
Any passion fruit lovers here?
Passion Fruit Green Tea

So have you tried any of the 5 beverages that I have recommended today? Honestly there is no denying that each of the frappes is definitely a must-try, especially the mango frappe. As for both the teas, though I find them to be exotic, they are still not bad. Then again make sure you have tried their Top 1 Signature Roasted Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk beverage before you indulge in any of the frappes or teas that they are selling. Still unsure what you want to order at Daboba? Refer to the menu. 😍

Daboba Mango Frappe Drink Menu Price
Tonight we are going to "Frappe" it! :D

Daboba Menu with price
(click to enlarge this Daboba's Menu)

Daboba Melaka (熊黑堂)
Address: No. 16, Jalan KPKS 6, Kompleks Perniagaan Kota Syahbandar, 75200 Melaka.

The Best Mango Frappe
The BEST Mango Frappe I have ever tasted in my from Daboba! 👍😘