Monday, January 21, 2019

Everybody's Changing & I don't Feel The Same


It is 2019 and what do you think the new year has brought you so far? Is it something good like a happy premonition or a bad omen instead? I wish everyone who is reading this will be getting the former. But then again we should always expect the unexpected right? After all, the only constant in our life is change. Don't you agree? Look around you-tell me one thing that is still the same after all these years. I doubt we could give ourselves concrete examples to justify our bold, baseless claim, no?

Me taking a selfie after my shower (2012)
Do you still remember how you used to be?

Everybody is really changing. In fact, I would say that 99.99% of the people I know have changed for the better or worse. Surely, those who have changed for the worse will never admit the regression or degradation that has impacted to them; Likewise for those who have transformed into a better version of themselves, they will do everything in their might to amplify their "beautiful metamorphosis". Whichever it is-everybody is changing. How about you?

I guess this is the only thing about me which has not changed.

Personally I believe that I have changed for the worse in these past few years especially last year-2018. This is my CONFESSION! It might be one of the worst years in my life as I have literally stagnated and allowed procrastination to consume me. There are a few reasons for my "deterioration" and one of the most obvious ones is gaming addiction. Though professionally and individually I am still performing relatively excellent, it could have been a totally different story should I not succumb to my desire to dwell in my virtual lives. I have exchanged my sleep for non-existence glory in gaming.

After watching a movie with my family (2017)
I want to be like Iron Man-smart and resourceful

Though I could attribute my Masters studies to be one of the reasons why I sidetracked so much, I know deep down inside it is my own undoing to begin with. I should not have turned to gaming excessively to relieve my so-called stress, if there was any. Or perhaps that was just another flimsy reason for me to justify the time I spent playing games. Whatever it was, I am glad that I have put a stop to it before it totally rots me from the inside. Yeah~so I have not been playing games for almost a month now and I am proud to tell my (old) self that there is not a single game in my smartphone. Period.


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I am sure you can see the difference now (2019)! :p

That is why I intend to better use my extra time to do something more beneficial such as blogging which is still a constant source of income for me despite my hiatus for 3 years. Yupe~I have started blogging since 2007 and I am elated to say that I am still a blogger in 2019. I am glad that I have survived on the Internet for such a long time. So here is my foreseeable plan for now-to be a better husband, father and obviously blogger. I must admit that the blogosphere has really evolved so much during those 3 years that I was absent. It appears that a lot emphasis and values and are being put on social media as well such as Facebook and Instagram. I know I need to change and adapt fast if I still want to be a relevant blogger.

It is time for me to scale higher!

Everybody and everything is changing; and of course I don't feel the same anymore which is understandably good and welcomed. Certainly most of my blog readers do not have any idea who I am right? Guess I will need to start from scratch and do my best to scale to the top again. There is a lot of catching up to be done and I am up for it. I am sure I can claw up, learn fast and be the BLOGGER whom I used to know! The important thing is to never throw in the towel. :)

Everybody's Changing by Keane