Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Wanna Be A Lion Dancer

I believe a lot of us Malaysians grow up knowing what is lion dance right? Colourful lion dance costumes can be seen everywhere during Chinese New Year. It will be strange if there is not a single lion dance troupe "terrorizing" our street during the merry festival. I am certainly one of their ardent fans, always anticipating their arrival. Ha :D Malaysians regardless of our skin love to see the "lion" dance gracefully, following the rhythm of the music. Simply enchanting. Don't you agree?

Lion Dance
I am a lion dancer!

Since I was young, I have always dream of being a lion dancer. I wish I can hold the lion's head covering my face and execute those gravity-defying movements on those tall metallic poles; I wish I can maneuver skilfully while mimicking the motion of a real lion. I wanna feel what it is like to be inside of the crouching lion. Till to day, that dream of mine remains just a dream. What a shame! :'(

Lion Dance

Lion dance has never failed to fascinate me. I even bought DVDs of the world lion dance competitions. Their performances are simply mesmerizing! How about you? Do you like to watch lion dance performance? We have to wait until next year to catch another glimpse of our favourite lion. Until then, I still wanna be a lion dancer. Tak~tung~chiang! Tak~tung~chiak! :D

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