Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Will Be A Very Good E*******

Last Thursday I was invigilated by a lecturer while I was carrying out my duty. It was part of the requirement for me to complete my diploma. Honestly I was really anxious but I tried to keep my chin up nonetheless. I had to meet this lecturer who is in his late 60s half an hour before he invigilate how I carry out my task. Surprisingly he turned out to be someone who is very friendly and warm unlike what my colleagues had said about him. We got along really well and he asked me a lot of questions regarding my work.

Thumbs Up

He asked me why I chose this job as my career...why I am passionate about about why I am doing et cetera! Then he found out that I attended the same high school as him. Perhaps that is why we are on the same wavelength? Anyway then came the much-anticipated invigilation session. I had to lead my team mates to complete our task in the allocated time. We fought really, really hard and I thought we did a great job. Our chemistry is very good, hence we had little problem with our assigned challenges. :)

Mice Trap,Teamwork
We are like these mice! :p

Then came the moment I had been waiting for. I was summoned into the room to meet with the lecturer. It was an assessment session for my performance and this is what he said, "I believe you will be a very good E*******." The moment he uttered these words, I was immediately on cloud nine. My hard work has finally paid off. Instantly I am relieved. But I have wait for the final result to see if I can complete my diploma course. Until then I am going to keep my fingers crossed and hope nothing will go wrong.

P.S.: I am not going to tell you what my job is. Neither I am going to deny not admit anything. I will tell you guys in another 3 years. LOL :D Have a great day folks.

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