Thursday, May 13, 2010

Why The Racist Gertak Is Not in ISA?

What the heck is wrong with this Gertak? Why on earth GERTAK (Gerakan Kebangsaan Rakyat) wanted to organised the so-called Malayu Bangkit (Malays Uprising) gathering today? Don't tell me no one in Gertak knows what day is today? Doesn't Gertak know today is May 13 which had killed hundreds of Malaysians if not thousands? But wait...I thought they are an NGO which is championing for all of us, the people (rakyat)...and how come Gertak is organising this gathering for the Malays only? They wanna uprise against who? What a shame! Najib can you throw them into ISA?

13 May
A nightmare!

We already have the idiotic Perkasa mocking the other races and now another Gertak? No disrespect but don't you feel that this Gertak is nothing but a racist and blatantly insensitive NGO? So should I label Gertak as stupid? Why must they discuss about Vision 2020 and DEB today? Why not other date? Even if it was "meant" for good, why can't they do it on another day. And why must they use "Malay Uprising"? The Malay Uprising (for???) gathering which was supposed to be held today, has been postponed following the directive of our PM-Najib! Why the heck it is not cancelled even after the intervention of PM? And do you know who is the mastermind behind this malice gathering?

13 Mei, Bloodshed
Gertak wants this to happen again?

I give you Marang UMNO's Vice-chairman Razali Idris who is also Gertak chairman. Why on earth UMNO is behind this malevolence gathering? I can see that Najib is doing his best to implement the 1Malaysia concept to unite all Malaysians, but time and again these cuckoos come out of no where to wreak havoc in our unity. And guess what this Razali has got to say about this atrocious gathering-"It was a coincidence that the gathering was held on May 13". What??? COINCIDENCE? So what he meant was this Malays Uprising gathering is to be held coincidently on 13th of May? What are the chances? So lame and irresponsible! Even a 6th grader knows this is a stupid excuse. :(

13 Mei, Bloodshed
No more bloodshed please...

Why Gertak? Tell me why do you wanna talk about Malay Unity only on this dreadful day-13 May? I heard it is because Gertak wanna warn the other races to "behave" themselves so that they will not be killed again? Or is it because they wanna remind the other races that they are merely "outsiders" lingering in this lands? Bull shit! Doesn't Gertak knows on this fateful day (13 May), 41 years ago thousands were killed because a moment of madness?

This is what we really need.

I am not going to elaborate further on this dark day but all I can say is that today all Malaysians should be treated EQUALLY. I hope no other NGOs will champion the interest of any other races anymore. I love Malaysia and I thing those racist people don't have a place on our peaceful land.

Don't destroy their future.