Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Woohoo-A Must Watch For All Malaysians!

Ask any little chinese kids what is Woohoo and chances is that they will giggle and excitedly answer you, "Woohoo!" It is that simple and blatant. Woohoo is gotta be one of the most infectious phrases since the Chinese New Year festival 3 months ago. What on earth is Woohoo? Is it the same as Yahoo? For those uninitiated (non-Malaysians), Woohoo is actually the translation of the mandarin words-舞虎 (Tiger Dance). So this Woohoo is actually a movie based on a traditional tiger dance performed during special prayers. Have you watched it in the cinema? No? Neither did I. :p

Woohoo Movie
Yes, I support Malaysian Movie!

Woohoo Movie, Original DVD
Tak percaya? (means you don't believe in Malay)

Woohoo Movie, Original DVD
Not your pasar malam pirated DVD~ok!

But I did get the ORIGINAL Woohoo movie from Speedy Video. Only RM19.90. See? I am so supportive of our local film industry. LOL :D Yeah! I wanted to watch a high-quality movie and I don't want any of those crappy subtitles to dent our viewing pleasure. I bought it and watched it with my whole family. I must say we really enjoyed it especially my dad who can't converse in mandarin. And since that day, he has been humming the theme song of the Woohoo movie!

The five tigers in Woohoo!

Now let's talk about our movie. Woohoo tells the story of a secluded little village in Beserah, Kuantan where the people are preparing to perform their prayer. This once-in-60 years prayer needs to be accompanied with the traditional Tiger Dance aka Woohoo (舞虎). You see one of the main performers for the Tiger Dance is old and weak, and it is hard to find a replacement. Moreover the new tiger dance troupe members must be born in the year of tiger! What?

Woohoo Movie, Woohoo Main Actors
All of them are like cheese and chalk!

Woohoo Movie, Main Actor
Ah Beng~you security guard!

Woohoo Movie
Rain & Ah Beng with the newspaper that changed their life!

So the old man's filial granddaughter put up advertisement in the dailies hoping to recruit the new tiger dance troupe members. Of course her advertisement was kinda misleading and in the end she managed to gather 5 men from different background to carry out the Woohoo! Who are the fantastic five tiger? They are Ah Beng who is the ill-tempered security guard, the gullible hawker Ah Huat, the effeminate photographer Rain, the silly university student Bobby and the quick-witted Alan (which is not his only name). The whole movie is really enjoyable.

Woohoo Movie
They need to do a lot of pushing...

Woohoo Movie
And pushing...

I gotta say that so far this is the best local movie I have ever watched in my entire life. The other movies such as rempit, menjerit, blah~blah~blah, rolled out by other directors are kinda crappy. So yes this movie really left a lasting impression in my heart. Do you know that Woohoo is our first ever local Chinese New Year movie? And Woohoo even grossed higher than the other Hong Kong movies screened during the same period. Woohoo!

Woohoo Movie Trailer!

That's all for now folks. I am not going to ruin this movie for your by leaking too many spoilers. All I can say is that the movies casts are really wacky and funny. A few scenes even made me rolled on the floor and burst into tears. Their antics are very Malaysian and we can easily connect with it. Then again this movie has its own touching moment. It made me sob a little. :'( So should you watch Woohoo? Definitely if you are a Malaysian. Don't forget to buy the original Woohoo ok. Everybody, let's~Woohoo!

Woohoo Movie
Be like me. Buy Original Woohoo Movie.

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