Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Funniest MOOther's Day Cartoon

Well it is not funny in a sense of being a slapstick cartoon, but it is funny because the whole idea of the cartoon is very, very heart-warming. I am sure millions of other Malaysians have seen this cartoon strip too. It appeared in one of our newspapers last Sunday. Yupe! I read in it The Star. It was drawn by Reggie Lee for all the mothers in the world. It depicts a little calf who wrote a Happy Mother's Day card for his dearest Moother. So why it is so funny and affecting at the same time? Let's see. :)

Happy Moother's Day Cartoon, Funny Cartoon
Happy MOOther's Day~o

It is really cute and touching right? The cartoon shows the little brown calf hugging his Moother after presenting the Mother's Day card to her. This is what the little calf has written for her mama, "You're the best Mom, cos you give milk to me and all the human babies too! Happy Mothers Day." Aww~isn't his message adorable? But the real message of this cartoon is to show our mothers' love which is really unconditionally and at times even transcends to the people around them. Again Happy MOOther's Day to all of you. :p