Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Mommy & Her Princess Jasmine [PICS]

I believe no mother can ever forget the precious moments that they have spent with their little daughter. A girl will always have a special place in their mother's heart as they are essentially the same. My beloved wife and I adore our little Jasmine a lot, so much so that we think we might have over-pampered her a little bit. Can't be helped right? After all he is our only daughter and naturally she will be treated like a princess. :p

Look at her face...

Though I still whack her from time to time (YES! I whack my kids if they don't toe the line), she really knows how to say the right words and do the right things to make our heart melts. She really loves to look good like a princess. Unlike her elder brother who couldn't have cared about his hair or shirt, Jasmine girl wants to ensure that she is impeccable from head to toes. That is why she will ask her mother to help her comb her hair and tie it up, which my wife willingly oblige. After many more years can she do this for her right?

Mother & daughter

Though my wife doesn't need to wake up as early as us since she is not driving them to school, she still insists that she wants to send us off. More importantly, she wants to attend to our big babies and make sure that everything is OK for them. Just before we leave, Jasmine will be sitting together with her dotting mother to have her short crowning glory combed nicely and tied up. Though this might not seem much, I believe my wife will always treasure such priceless moments of her and her daughter. After all they are both ladies right? So they actually share a lot of things in common that neither me nor my son could (would want to) comprehend. LOL :D

7 years ago. :)

There is a saying that your daughter is a little girl who will grow up to be your best friend. I am sure that is the case right now. Both my wife and daughter really share a chemistry that really that only they can relate to. It is a special bond that has spun over the years through laughter, worry, smiles and tears; Both of them have a sense of trust that cannot be broken, a depth of love sometimes unspoken. A daughter is indeed a mother's best friend. Don't you agree mothers? :)