Saturday, December 29, 2018

Perodua D38L SUV Has Been Revealed

Perodua Aruz SUV Front Highway Cruising

Perodua is finally going to reveal their much-anticipated Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) code-named D38L. Then again we might have already seen it right? A lot of people have said that D38L is merely Toyota Rush with a slap-on logo of the company. Will there be difference between Rush and its Malaysian incarnation? Some people are hoping that the company could do design the SUV from scratch just like Myvi but now we are pretty sure that the SUV will be mighty similar to that of Toyota's.

Perodua Aruz SUV form the back
Is this how the new Perodua SUV will look like?
Credit: Ajerul

Video teasers released so far focuses on space, safety and efficiency. Also being divulged, are the front, read and side views of the Perodua SUV. It is claimed that the seating arrangement will be pretty flexible allowing more ample space for comfort. As for safety, there will be 6 airbags and the upgraded version of ASA (Advanced Safety Assist) which is of course similar to Rush's pre-collision system. Last but not least, the teaser showcases the SUV's fuel efficiency prowess with its in-class 15.6 km/l fuel consumption.

It will be a complete disappointment if this new SUV from Perodua is an identical carbon copy of Rush right? Hence there are a few welcomed alterations in terms of look. The face of Perodua's SUV will be slightly different as it has 5 grille slat (instead of 4). Moreover the daytime running LEDs are also different from that of Rush. The bottom part of the bumper is also slightly different if you take a closer look.

Alas, the biggest difference between Perodua SUV and Toyota Rush is in terms of price tag. The "original" Toyota Rush will cost around RM93k to RM98k while Perodua SUV will be priced competitively (estimated) at around RM70,000. What do you think? Will you get  the SUV from Perodua of add another RM20K to buy the one form the Land of Rising Sun?

Perodua Aruz SUV is similar to Toyota Rush
The original Toyota Rush