Sunday, December 30, 2018

Portuguese Settlement Christmas Decorations 2018 [PICS]

It is that time of the year again when all the houses along these streets turn into a spectacle of neon lights and vibrant hues of glow; It is Christmas time-welcome to Portuguese Settlement in Malacca. If you are a fellow Malaccan like me, you will know that in December all the buzz and excitement will be in our very own hometown where Christmas really come alive. It will not be an exaggeration if I dub Portuguese Settlement as Christmas Town! I am proud to be a Malaccan!

This breathtaking iconic statue of Jesus is now a landmark in Malacca! 😄

Christmas will not be complete without tall Christmas trees draped with lights! 

Look! Santa is showing off his cool shades! 😎

Even Pikachu is here to celebrate Christmas. 🤩

Though for years I have snapped hundreds of photos of Portuguese Settlement's Christmas celebration, I am flabbergasted to know that this is in fact my very first blog post about it. What a shame right? Hence I made up my mind that I am so going to write about the dazzling light bulbs, the amiable people, the merry atmosphere and of course the beautiful decorations which mark the birth of Jesus Christ! If you wanna feel what it is like to be celebrate Christmas, do visit this special town.

Nights are different in Christmas town. 

Look at how merry the streets are with people, lights and decorations. 

Every home are illuminated with beaming lights. 

Being swarmed by colourful "fireflies". 🤗

Nope! Don't touch Mr. Snowman! 

One for the family. 😘

If you are planning to visit Portuguese Settlement during the Christmas time (20th-25th December), you are advised to arrive at the venue at around 6:30p.m. Though it will still be early to enjoy the mesmerizing glow of lights, you will at least get to find a good parking spot. You can have scrumptious seafood dinner by the seaside near the jetty. My family actually did just that-enjoyed the mouth-watering dinner and then strolled along streets of our Christmas town. By then it was around 8p.m. and glittering light bulbs were dancing and waving at us. What a splendid sight!

The very reason why we have Christmas. 

Baby Jesus! 

This is very creative. 👍

It is hard to believe that you are still in Malaysia when you were being enveloped by thousands of intricate neon light bulbs, painting the otherwise charcoal black night sky with gloriously resplendent pastels. There were sparkling reindeer, kaleidoscopic angels, snowmen  of different innards which would never melt and Santa Claus(es). Of course the highlight of the Christmas decorations would be the birth of Jesus. No matter how many different versions of baby Jesus that we saw, they were a sight to behold!

We particularly love the decorations of this house. So mystifying. 😁

The bells look hypnotically beautiful. 

We are going to meet you again next year Santa. 😆

The residents of Portuguese Settlement really deserve our respect and adulation as they keep the tradition alive. Imagine the countless hours they have spent hanging all the light-bulbs, labouring for days to put up picture-perfect or should I say Instagrammable backdrops and decorations to breathe life into Christmas. One can't help but feel that they really go all out to make sure not only them but all Malaysians can enjoy their merry celebration as well.  My kids and wife really had a great time. So~Ho~Ho~Ho~Merry Christmas everyone and a happy new year!

Don't worry Jasmine girl. We will visit Portuguese Settlement again next year for Christmas OK! 😚