Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Chinese New Year Eve Dinner & Dragon Dance LEGO Sets For Malaysians [PICS]

Chinese New Year Eve Dinner LEGO Sets Box

Chinese New Year is arguably the most important festivals for us Chinese and therefore it makes perfect sense to actually have "LEGO-lized" what symbolizes our culture and heritage. LEGO has earlier announced that they are rolling out 2 sets of Lego for we Asians namely China, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and of course Malaysia! Images of the two sets of Lunar New Year lego have been circulating our Internet. They are the Chinese New Year Eve Dinner set and Dragon Dance set. Are you ready to see for yourself?

Chinese New Year Eve Dinner Front Box View
Behold the Chinese New Year Eve Dinner LEGO set!

Ask any Chinese and they will immediately tell you that reunion dinner is the most important culture of our lunar celebration. Hence this Chinese New Year Eve Dinner LEGO set really strikes the right chords with we Asians. This is the time when all family members regardless of where they are return to their home to enjoy a scrumptious dinner together. This reunion dinner on the eve of Chinese New Year is usually a lavish affair with delightful dishes ranging from crabs, mushrooms, fish and abalone.

What is inside of Chinese New Year Eve Dinner LEGO Sets
It's time for reunion dinner.

Chinese New Year Eve Dinner LEGO Sets
Look at how happy everyone is.
Chinese New Year Eve Dinner LEGO Sets
It's time to dig in!
Chinese New Year Eve Dinner LEGO Sets Eat Rice
We gotta have white rice!

Family Members in Chinese New Year Eve Dinner LEGO Sets
Nothing beats dining with your family.

Chinese New Year Eve Dinner LEGO Sets
This is the part I love the most. Paying respect to the elder.

What will be served? Chinese LEGO fans will be ecstatic to note that there are so many different mouth-watering dishes in the set such as our staple rice, springrolls, crabs, stewed meat, pao, shitake mushrooms, fried chickens, breaded prawns and steamed fish just to name a few. There are a lot of decorations and couplets that truly reflect this joyous celebration. And of course no reunion dinner is complete without family members right? So we have grandparents, parents and children altogether in this lovely set-3 generations of happiness. :)

Dragon Dance LEGO Sets Box
Se the fireworks for Dragon Dance!

Apart from our must-have reunion dinner, LEGO has also created the Dragon Dance Set which will surely drive we Chinese crazy. It represents our traditional dragon performance which is chasing its fiery pearl. 4 performers will be holding the poles to control the flying dragon, mimicking the celestial creature graceful movement in the air. Interestingly there is a performer who is donning a pig costume which if of course to celebrate the  year of pig.

Dragon Dance LEGO Sets Box Back

If you pay enough attention, your will realize that the dragon and the performers will be dancing on a raised platform. This is because there is a mechanism underneath the platform which will move the dragon up and down and to help spin the fiery pearl. Meticulously crafted I would say. I am sure all of us will be really hyped up to see how the might Dragon moves right?

Assembled Dragon Dance LEGO Sets

Dragon Dance LEGO Sets Chasing The Pearl

Troupe of Dragon Dance LEGO Sets
The performers are ready to move the dragon!

For those who are big fans of LEGO, make sure you get your hands on these exclusive sets of Chinese New Year LEGO sets. I would love to have both of them ready before Chinese New Year. Then again, looking at how well-made they are I am sure this "dinner" and "dance" will not come cheap! *tong tong chiang* I am sure my Jordan boy would love to own these sets of Chinese New Year LEGO bricks. Heck! I think even grandpa would want to join! :)