Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Jasmine Wrote a Letter For Santa

Christmas is a festival for use to rejoice and be happy. For the Christians, this day marks the birth of their savior; for others like me Christmas is a day of festivity and to get gifts. My Jasmine girl who has watched several Christmas movies (Christmas Chronicles, Arthur Christmas etc) prior to the big day has come to believe that Santa Claus is real. Hence on Christmas eve, she sat down and actually wrote a simple letter for the legendary man from North pole! Apparently my daughter believes that Santa is REAL!

Santa will be touched (though there are some spelling and grammatical errors)

In her letter, she first wished Santa Merry Christmas and mentioned that she wanted to give him some "things" which are presents. Inside the envelope, there were two nicely wrapped gifts for him. And ouh yeah~there was another message for Santa, asking him whether she can have any present on Christmas day. Not too bad right Santa? He received two gifts from Jasmine girl and only needed to give one in return. LOL 🤣

The two little packets on the left are gifts for Santa.

Seeing how much this means to our Jasmine girl, my wife and I actually played along to her belief that Santa will actually come over to put a present under our Christmas tree. She kept on reminding us not to lock our doors so that Santa could come in easily as we do not have a chimney for him to squeeze in. How thoughtful of her. On the other hand, our son-Jordan boy doesn't believe in Santa at all. He knew that the presents they were going to receive would be from us. 🙄

Santa said thank you. :) 

So on Christmas day, the moment she woke up she immediately went out to look for her present which Santa had nicely wrapped and put under the tree. Ouh~Santa had read her letter and replied as well. She was beaming the whole morning while unwrapping her gift. It is good that she believes in something so magical and special. Who knows right? Santa might be real. 😚

The girl who believes in Christmas. 🤗