Tuesday, December 25, 2018

3 Things I Want For Christmas (2018)

Christmas is just around the corner (*sniff sniff*) I can smell it already...the sweet scent of freshly baked gingerbread man, the juicy roast turkey and of course lots of presents awaiting to be unwrapped. So what are you wishing for this Noel? As usual, yours truly me have a lot of things that I desire for my Christmas wishlist (though I know none of them will ever be fulfilled). Here goes my Christmas list:

1 Beats Studio 3 Headphones
I've always wanted a pair of premium quality wireless headphones to let me enjoy my music, news or even podcasts. The fact that I'm working in an environment littered with noise pollution makes this Studio 3 Headphones an ideal companion to block out all the annoying evil laughter and empty talks on the office. Its pure Adaptive Noise Cancelling will block out all those gossipers. LOL 😎

2 Asus ROG Smartphone
Nothing is more fitting for a gamer than a smartphone which is tailored made for them to enjoy games the way it should be. I wish I could get an Asus ROG phone so that I could truly immerse myself when I'm shooting all those losers. Wait... then again I might be the one suffering from all those ultra realistic gunshots. Still "brandishing" this ultimate gaming phone will immediately elevate your status.

3 Samsung Galaxy Tab S4
After using an S Pen for almost a year I must admit that I am totally in love with well...the S Pen. I am already an owner of a Galaxy Note smartphone...then again no matter how powerful a smartphone is, it will never rival a tablet in terms of screen real estate. Hence I would love to have the latest Tab S4 which will be perfect for my work and entertainment. This 10.5-inch tablets comes with Dolby Atmos, LTE and ouh yeah an S Pen.

Well, that's the three things that I want for my Christmas. Of course I know none of them will ever be fulfilled due to the rather eye-watering price tag. Anyway one can always wish right? Who knows...maybe Santa Claus does exist and he might fulfill one of my 3 wishes? Fat Chance! Ho~ho~ho~Merry Christmas everyone! :)