Sunday, July 29, 2018

Jordan Boy & His Remote Control Ferrari

Jordan boy received his surprise birthday gift at the end of his 8th birthday celebration the other day. Like I have mentioned, he didn't expect to receive any gift at all since we had bought him a T-Rex dinosaur toy earlier. So when he got his newspaper-wrapper box of gift, he was  of course delightfully elated, excitedly shredding off layer after layer of "news". Ha :D

Tear them... 

Jordan and his Ferrari

When he had removed the the final piece of newspaper hugging his box of surprise, Jordan boy was beaming and smiling from ear to ear. A stunning red Ferrari was awaiting inside his "garage" that he was holding. After unboxing his Ferrari, Jordan ignited the engine started to "drive" his supercar around the house. Obviously he needs a lot of practice behind the steering (remote control) before he could be a pro.

Open those doors! 

 Get ready...

So where do you want to drive your Ferrari to?

This red hot remote controlled Ferrari comes with doors that can be opened and closed at a press of a button, making it look ultra cool. When you "drive" the car forward, the headlights will be turned on automatically so that they could illuminate your path for you. Pretty nifty if you are playing this in the dark I would say. The best part about it is the rechargeable battery which can last you around 15 minutes' of play after every full recharge (45 minutes). So you can play it again and again without needing to buy more batteries. :)

Jordan boy has been playing with his Ferrari almost every single day now; Driving it now almost expertly to prevent banging directly against any walls or human's legs. Bahaha :D I remembered very vividly that I first got my remote control car when I was 10 years old. So our little Jordan boy has been luckier, receiving his when he is 8 years old. I hope he will play his with his Ferrari well.

Take good care of your Ferrari Jordan boy. Ha :D