Friday, June 22, 2018

World Selfie Day With My Family-Say Cheese [PICS]

This is going to be a short post about World Selfie Day. So what are we supposed to do on this day? Well...take selfie of course...Lots and lots of selfie just to choose the perfect one. Just ask any girl or lady that you know and most probably she has taken like 100 of the same exact photos with identical pose for the pursuit of that one Instragrammable picture. Annoying isn't it? Imagine going out with your girlfriend or wife, and they demand that the selfie to be taken again...and again...and again until she is perfect. Dang! :p

Me...trying to take the perfect selfie. 

Ok...not gonna waste my time anymore... 


So who are earth invented selfie? Or started this trend which is making our life so "miserable"? :p In actual fact, men were the ones responsible for the birth of selfie ever since camera was invented. Blame Joseph Nicéphore Niépce for he is the father of photography as we know it...and thanks to him we all can take selfie all day long. The surging popularity of selfie has of course resulted in the invention of selfie-sticks and selfie-centric cameras and smartphones. Therefore BBC declared Selfie Day back in 2014. The same year also saw Oxford including "selfie" into their dictionary as well. Thank you for acknowledging this "act of narcissism".

My darling Jasmine

My beloved Jordan 

And my one and only beautiful wife. 

Me and my queen.

Speaking of which...when you can't fight them...join take selfies! Ha :D So my family and I had a little bit of fun taking a lot of selfies or ourselves individually and as a family of course. It is not easy. What? I needed to handpick these photos meticulously or I will incur the wrath of my wife. Picking the right photos of her from the hundreds she has taken is not an easy task. Permission is needed before any posting can be granted. Voila! Here are our photos after being given the green light.

Ok. Let's take our selfie. :)

Wait...not good enough.

This should do it. :)

Of course I am not as photogenic as my wife, Jordan boy or Jasmine girl. When you are hideous like me, there is really little any filter of AI beautification can do to change the reality. Bahahaha :D But I don't really care about my look. Honestly I love taking selfie with my family. Though I am no eye candy, photographs of me and my family give me warmth and comfort. In other words selfie can make us who are not narcissists happy really! So have you taken your selfie?