Friday, June 22, 2018

Fully Charged In 35 Minutes-Oppo Find X Lamborghini

Imagine if you can put an already very top-notch smartphone like Oppo Find X on steroid...what will you get? The superior Oppo Find X the Lamborghini Edition of course. This exclusive smartphone is Oppo's most premium (read expensive) offering for the select elite few with deep pockets. The famous hypercar Aventador S Roaster can blaze the tarmac at a top speed of 350KM per hour. Likwise Oppo Find X Lamborghini Edition can be FULLY charged from 0 to 100% in just 35 minutes with Oppo's very own Super VOOC Charging. Talk about speed aye!

Behold the Lamborghini edition of Oppo Find X

Though this limited edition Lamborghini is almost an identical copy of the regular Oppo Find X, it differs with its exquisite carbon-fibre patterns beneath its 3D glass back. More importantly, the iconic Lamborghini logo showing the raging Taurus, is engraved on the 3D glass back to exhibit a suspended 3D effect which really exudes a lot of class and status. This engraving technique allows the logo to have a floating impression no matter from which angle you are looking at it. Impressive!

Black is the new gold.

Like I have mentioned earlier, this Limited Edition Oppo Find X Lamborghini is all about speed especially in the charging its battery. No one wants a smartphone which needs to be plugged to the wall for a long time, no? That is why Oppo has unleashed Super VOOC Charging Technology to allow this premium Lamborghini Find X to charge the 3,400mAh from 0 to 100% or if you like FULLY charged in just 35 minutes. This new technology pushes the limit to 20W of power to make charging even faster. So is it safe? Yes, at least according to Oppo.

3 Reasons Why Super VOOC Charging Is Safe:
  1. 5V charging allows efficient, low-temperature charging
  2. Low-voltage pulse-charge system dynamically regulates current
  3. Uses innovative military-grade materials
Everything about this Oppo Find Lamborghini Edition is so polished!

I am sure the reassurance given by Oppo about its Super VOOC Charging will please a lot of prospective buyers with thick wallet. So who would fancy buying this limited edition Lamborghini Oppo Find X? With an equally premium price tag of 1,699 EUR (RM7,910) for 512GB of storage, this exclusive Oppo Find X will only appeal to those who are affluent and enjoy life living in the fast lane. Heck! I think all the owners of Lamborghini Aventador should be able to afford this to show support for their beloved hypercar maker. :)

The holy grail of smartphone-Oppo Find X Lamborghini!