Thursday, June 21, 2018

Suunto 3 Fitness Smartwatch-The Stylish Timepiece

Crafted for those who put a lot of emphasis on their health and well-being, the new Suunto 3 Fitness aims to keep us fit and relaxed (stress-less) all the time. Designed in Finland, Suunto 3 Fitness is the fashionable smartwatch that you would want to dominate your wrist with. Then again it looks more like an elegant, iconic everyday timepiece that everyone would love to put on unlike your other thick, bulky trackers which stick out of your hand.

Suunto 3 Fitness

For starters, Suunto 3 Fitness is capable of delivering personalized, individual training guide according to your fitness levels. What does this mean? In other words, Suunto 3 Fitness is the smartwatch that can learn and grow with you, adapting to your training rhythms and inspire you to be fit and healthy. It can guide you with an adaptive 7-day-plan for you to follow so that you heart can hit the intended heart rate zones in your workout or training. Hence when you log a workout, Suunto 3 Fitness' tracking features will change the intensity of your upcoming training plan for you to scale better progressively. A nifty fitness tracking feature!

Every single step is tracked.

Suunto really wants to appeal to a broader demographic of audience with the introduction of Suunto 3 Fitness smartwatch. Unlike the company's other connected sport watches, Suunto 3 Fitness is meticulously designed to be lightweight and smaller thanks to its minimalist profile. The timeless stainless steel bezel adds to its durability, making the smartwatch a real eye candy. Its small-size, rounded case and soft strap allows it to be featherweight and comfortable to wear day and even night. Moreover it can even track your sleep, notifying you the quality of your bedtime.

 Suunto 3 Fitness will give you a personalized 7-day training plan.
It will even track your quality of sleep.

Your daily steps, calories and heart rate are automatically tracked by Suunto 3 Fitness and it will also provide you with a view of your overall activity to help you balance your lifestyle. It can even tell you how you are feeling. *gasp* Suunto 3 Fitness is able to let you know about your stress and recovery stats based on your vitals. If the watch indicates that you are stressed, you will immediately remind yourself to take a step backward and breathe in deeply and sure enough you will be moving into recovering zone, out of the stressful one. Therefore, like I have mentioned earlier it helps you to relax, no? Ha :D

Gauge how hard you heart has been pumping for you.

Here comes the deal breaker: There is no touchscreen on Suunto 3 Fitness Smartwatch. Depending on your preference, it could be a good thing or something negative. On the plus side there will not be any accidental errant swipe anymore as you get to toggle retro style with the buttons. The omission of touchscreen is evidently done to conserve battery so that you can get maximum juice for your smartwatch. Suunto claims that the watch can last up to 5 days with 24/7 non-stop tracking and 10 days in watch mode which is pretty good.

It looks good all the time whether you are pumping iron or working in the office.

All in all Suunto 3 Fitness is a desirable smartwatch which is not only stylish, but also packs a lot of nifty fitness capabilities into a polished, irresistible package. The smartwatch will be available in 5 different models: Gold, All Black, Ocean, Sakura and Black. Though it is a bit pricey with a starting price of US$200 (RM800), Suunto 3 Fitness should be your choice of smartwatch if you want a fitness tracking timepiece on your wrist which is a looker! I know I do. :)

A stunning fitness tracking smartwatch which is actually a looker!