Monday, June 18, 2018

Beats Pill+ The Splash-Proof Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Beats is known for its ultra iconic headphones which not only makes music enjoyment for audiophiles but has also become a fashion statement as well. However that doesn't mean the Beats cannot create awesome speakers as we have seen in the like of Beats Pill 2.0 which gives listeners that irresistible eargasmic sensation right? Today we are going to look at the Pill 2.0 successor in the form of Beats Pill+, which is the most beautiful and best-sounding portable speaker that Beats has crafted so far.

Beats Pill+ is the portable Bluetooth speaker that you need!

Pill+ looks a bit the same like its predecessor as both sport the capsule-like shape which gives them their name. Hence we could surmise that even after Beats has been acquired by Apple, the Pill+ redesign is not a radical one. Instead the form factor of Pill+ has been refined from its previous iteration to make it even better. It is more solid and feels more durable than Pill 2.0. On top of the Pill+ you will get 4 buttons to unleash its power. A power button on the left, a metallic play or pause button embellished with the unmistakable Beats "b" logo; And two more rubberized buttons for volume control on the right.  Simple and refined!

Apart from the superior craftsmanship and sturdy build, Beats Pill+ is by far the bests-sounding Beats portable bluetooth speaker to date. In other words Beats Pill+ is better than its older sibling-Pill 2.0, and can deliver that eargasmic sensation which audiophiles demand. The two-way active system allows the amplifiers to be built right into the speakers-one for each pair of the tweeter and woofer.

Use the four buttons to easily play music or adjust the volumes.

Beats claim that such design enables Pill+ to fire different frequencies of the beats (no pun intended) to the designated parts of the speaker which ultimately pumps out a collective symphony of sounds which are music to your ears. No matter what you throw at Pill+ for it to play, everything comes out clearly and fully. No more bass blurring the vocals of the songs; No more piano parts being go missing or inaudible. In other words, Beats Pill+ will deliver near lossless music for you to enjoy.

Use your Pill+ to charge your smartphones.

Though Pill+ is tad bigger than Pill 2.0, it is still very small, portable and convenient enough for you to bring it around. It is relatively light as it tips the scale at 1.5 pounds (680grams). A quick 3-hour charge by plugging in the lightning cable allows your Pill+ to have 12 hours of music playback. More amazingly, you can even use Beats Pill+ to charge your smartphone or other music devices via the USB port of the Lightning port at the back. You can also know more accurately how much juice your Pill+ have by looking at the LED fuel gauge.

I am in love with this Red Pill+

Apart from that, Pill+ comes with a few nifty features such as being able to be pair with another Pill+ to amplify the music played or to set up a dedicated stereo channels. Apart from that, with the Pill+ App, anyone can easily sync their smartphones to the Pill+ speaker without actually pressing any of the 4 physical buttons on the speaker. Talking about seamless connectivity. :)

This flap allows Pill+ to be water resistant.

Of course, one of the highlight features of Beats Pill+ is its Splash Proof ability. This water resistant feature is what most sets Pill+ from other portable speakers in the market. The Lightning charge port, 3.5mm aux input and the full-size USB ports are being covered by a rubbery flap which seals the Pill+ completely to prevent any unwanted water droplets from going in. Being splash-proof, it means you can bring your Pill+ speaker to a pool party to listen to music without really needing to be worried about it.

Being one of the loudest portable speakers in the market, Beats Pill+ holds its own when it comes to sound quality and pure volume. Being a Beats, Pill+ is beautifully designed to please not only your eardrums but eyes as well. Besides being able to be used as a charger, Pill+ is also water resistant which allows you to enjoy your speaker anywhere including somewhere watery. Available in 3 colours: White, Black and Red, Beats Pill+ which retails  with a price tag of US$129 is guaranteed to gratify your music needs be it in the comfort of your room or by the pool with your buddies.