Monday, June 18, 2018

Cristiano Ronaldo Is The GOAT Who Scored 3 Goals Against Spain

By now Cristiano Ronaldo is arguably the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) at least in his era when he single-handedly rescued a point for Portugal from the might Spaniards who boast a strong team.  Against all odds, Cristiano Ronaldo or CR7 scored all three goals to stun Spain which was 2 minutes from a victory. Likewise his arch rival Messi failed terribly to lift a talented Argentina team when he missed his penalty against lowly Iceland; Which further fuels the fact that without his star-studded teammates like in Barcelona, Messi might not be as good as he is on paper.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored all three goals for Portugal!

Cristiano Ronaldo stroked his chin to celebrate his goal which is a reference to a goat or GOAT! CR7 boldly claimed that he is one of the best and I don't think there are many who will loudly say no after such a masterclass performance from the Portugal captain. We need to remember that Ronaldo is now 33 years old and yet he is still banging the goals as if he is a decade younger. He used to be a skillful dribbler who can blaze the pitch to score goals from any wing but now he has evolved into phenomenal striker whose predatory sense makes him so deadly in front of the goal.

You stick out your leg, I get the penalty! 

Ronaldo confidently converted his penalty.

1st Goal
Ronaldo bolted into the box and flashed a step-over that was sufficient for clumsy Nacho to stick his leg out to force the referee to award a direct penalty. Ronaldo clinically converted his penalty and broke the deadlock.

2nd Goal
Knowing that Spain would be dominating the whole game with possession, Ronaldo knew that his team still had a chance against such team (think Barcelona) if they countered attack quickly. So when Pepe cleared the ball, Ronaldo sniffed and knew this was an opportunity as he accelerated stunningly towards the goal, waiting for the ball to be laid off to him. There he was, the legend waiting to hit the back of the net with his second goal thanks to his flawless positioning playing. Talking about being at the right place at the right time. Mere coincidence? I doubt. This is what Ronaldo has become excellent in-game reading as if he is holding the PS4 joystick!

Ronaldo stuck his freekick! 

 Up and over the wall and it was a...


3rd Goal
Spain was 120 seconds from 3 points before Pique's foul. Of course Portugal captain-Cristiano Ronaldo would be taking this freekick. He got into his customary wide stance and when the whistle was blown he stepped up and unleashed an unstoppable strike which was not only powerful but also beautiful as the ball crawled over the giant wall and surged into the next just below the bar. Spain goalkeeper De Gea (my favourite keeper) has a night to forget as he could only watch in horror as the ball found the net.

Watch how Cristiano Ronaldo scored his 3 goals against Spain. 

A penalty, a wonderful strike and an curving freekick: 3 important goals from the Ronaldo who was supposed to be way over his prime time or so said all the naysayers. Again he proves his critics wrong and snatched a point from the jaws of the mighty Spaniards. In fact I would go as far to say that Portugal has actually "won" the match when you compare the players they have with the rooster that Spain commands. To me, Cristiano Ronaldo is the most complete player I have ever seen who can score with his head and both feet. To me CR7 is indeed the GOAT. :)

Ronaldo stroking his chin to claim that he is the GOAT!