Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Beats Pill 2.0 For That Eargasmic Sensation

Some say that music is the language of emotions; A lingua franca that can allow us to express ourselves without holding back anything. That is why we  need to be able to enjoy our music without any restrictions at all. Introducing Beats Pill 2.0 which has been dubbed as the best portable speaker for iPhone. I am not surprised because Beats Pill 2.0 certainly has the form factor that matches the flair of iPhone's aesthetic designs. This pill-shaped (Duh! Obviously) portable speaker from Beats comes in four different colours namely blue, red, black and white. Personally I think the red one will get my vote! :)

 photo 01 Beats Pill 2.0 For That Eargasmic Sensation_zpsingpyejf.png
Absolute beauty.

Upon unpacking your Beats Pill 2.0, you will immediately see its distinctive Beats logo blazed on the front central strip of the speaker. The Beats logo itself serves as a play/pause button for you to enjoy your music. Here's the simple trick: Tap the Beats logo twice and you will skip forward to the next track; Likewise tapping it thrice will skip 1 track backward. Pretty intuitive if you ask me. This simplistic design intends to make this portable speaker a joy not only for our ears but also our eyes.

 photo 02 Beats Pill 2.0 For That Eargasmic Sensation_zpslzoginvu.png
Frontal view.

 photo 03 Beats Pill 2.0 For That Eargasmic Sensation_zpsqro0lbgn.png
A full-USB port that can even be used to charge your phone.

 photo 04Beats Pill 2.0 For That Eargasmic Sensation _zpsz7llh80m.png
Buttons and ports integrated sleekly.

Turn the Pill around and you will be greeted by a power button, volume up and down, microUSB charging port, audio input and output, a NFC tag for automatic wireless pairing with your smartphones and a full-fledged 2.1amp USB port to charge to your drained smartphone when you need some extra juice. Moreover do you know that the NFC tag actually allows you to connect two Pill 2.0 speakers? Sounds like this Pill comes with quite an array of features to make it more usable and attractive huh.

 photo 06 Beats Pill 2.0 For That Eargasmic Sensation_zps32qq8g5r.jpg
This Black Beats Pill 2.0 is equally stunning as well huh!

Despite being lightweight, this portable Beats Pill 2.0 is really packed with powerful sound that will give your ear drums that insatiable eargasmic sensation. With this pill, you can enjoy thumping highs and deep booming bass thanks to its wide-firing four-speaker stereo arrangement. You can easily pair the Beats Pill to your iPhone, laptop or any Bluetooth-enabled devices to change tracks and adjust volume from as far as 30 feet away. Now that's really far huh.

 photo 07 Beats Pill 2.0 For That Eargasmic Sensation_zpsiylmehyi.jpg
And I really love this Beats Pill Dude!

OMG! With so many tricks up its sleeve, Beats Pill 2.0 is definitely the portable speaker  that I am drooling to have. No wonder there are so many portable speakers review about it. I can't wait to have this Beats Pill 2.0 as my Christmas present (Santa~please take note). Imagine this beautiful, cylindrical Pill belting out your favourite Christmas tunes in a crystal clear sound. Arrr...but wait...with its premium sound and features, you will need to pay a relatively premium price as well. Are you ready to fork out US$199.00 for Beats Pill 2.0 for this Christmas? I wonder what's the price tag of the Beats Dude. Ha :D