Friday, November 27, 2015

Goat Chases Tiger Out Of Its Own Territory

Who would have thought that a tiger would be scared of a goat right? This rather peculiar phenomenon is currently happening in Russia. A goat which was supposed to be a piece of easy meat for the ferocious king of the jungle has turned the table on its predator. Taking place at the Far Eastern Safari Park, the goat was released into the enclosure of Amur (the tiger) to be dinner. Instead of running for its life, the goat did something that took everyone by surprise. It charged at the Siberian Tiger. What???

 photo 01 Timur the Goat amp Amur The Tiger Friends_zpsjqq5iyue.jpg
Timur the goat is bossing Amur the tiger.

 photo 02 Timur the Goat amp Amur The Tiger Friends_zpsglijmorn.jpg
"So yeah, we are best friends now."

The keeper of the park thought the the goat has never met a tiger before and that is why it is not afraid of one. Seriously? I thought this kind of fear is instilled in the genome of your DNA? Who says fearing your mortal murderer is something that you learn in classroom? If you have watched the life of Pi, you would have seen how the Tiger mercilessly ripped the tied little goat apart in no time. I wonder what is going on in both the Tiger's and Goat's minds. Beats me.

Let's talk about the possible theories surrounding this anomaly of nature. Perhaps this goat who was later named as Timur thought that it was a tiger as well? Likewise it could be the Tiger's problem. Perhaps Amur has gone vegetarian? The park keeper went on to say this, "Timur the goat kicked the tiger out of his bedroom and is sleeping on his bed for the fourth night". Ok...I wonder if the Tiger is giving Timur more time to fatten itself up? Or maybe...just maybe this is another fairytale that is trying to tell us not to kill each other? That we should become friends just like them? what's your take?