Saturday, March 25, 2017

Digi INFINITE Postpaid With Unlimited Calls+Internet

Competition is real and Digi is finally rolling out not just any unlimited postpaid plans but one which promises Infinity for all Digi subscribers. Enter Digi INFINITE Postpaid plans tailor-made for those who demand for never-ending Internet connectivity and bandwidth. Starting from only RM80, these brand new INFINITE postpaid plans from Digi will lavish you with UNLIMITED Internet Data and UNLIMITED calls to ALL networks. Dayum!

DiGi INFINITE Postpaid Plans!

For starters, you can subscribe to Digi Postpaid 80 Infinite which looks more like a mockery of Webe's Unlimited Postpaid Plan. Just for RM80 per month, you will get unlimited calls and unlimited Internet that's capped at 5Mbps. I thought this is rather unfortunate. Digi should not have shortchanged any of its subscribers to this speed limitation. If you are thinking about tethering, Digi will be charging RM10 for a Hotspot pass with a quota of 5GB per month. BUT...if you are the first 10,000 subscribers to this new Digi Infinite plan, you will be getting 12-months tethering for FREE. Sounds great. :)

On top of that, you'll be getting 300 SMS to all networks and you will also be provided with overseas roaming of 5GB data + 60 minutes of call in 8 countries for only RM10 monthly. As mentioned earlier, with this Digi Postpaid 80 Infinite, you will be getting unlimited domestic mobile and fixed line numbers excluding video calls, or special numbers such as toll-free 1-300/1-800 and 121 numbers. Blimey. :p

Now here comes the real INFINITE plan from Digi. Behold the Digi Postpaid 150 INFINITE plan which will give you full throttle speed with UNLIMITED TETHERING! Meaning you will be getting unlimited calls and unlimited Internet at full 4G speed which enables you to tether to any devices without any additional cost at all. BAM! You will also be getting 1,000 SMS to all networks (that you won't be using) and FREE 5GB data + 60 minutes of FREE CALLS on roaming in 8 countries. Damn! This sounds very, very tempting.

Hopefully this "INFINITY WAR" will benefit us. :D

Do note that these amazing plans are exclusively available on Digi's Online Store and it will not come with any device bundles. However you need to be fast or this plan will be gone on 24th June 2017 (I doubt). So are you willing to fork out RM150 for INFINITE Internet which can be used for tethering? For more information, go to Digi Postpaid Infinite. Now...I have a feeling that an Infinity War is about to erupt among our Telcos in Malaysia! *Popcorn*